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Shall We Dance? Review

Our main character is married with a wife and family, and his life should be everything he wants. However, he’s somehow unsatisfied with his life. That is, until he ends up in a class for ballroom dancing where he discovers a passion he never realized he had. However, he has to hide it from those around him, reasons differ depending on country. This movie has two versions, a Japanese subtitled version, and an American remake. I first watched the American, and then the Japanese. If you were to watch one, I’d pick the Japanese, but having watched both, this talks about both collectively.

Why I picked this up: I can’t dance worth crap, but I love watching it. My sister wanted to see the Japanese version.

Why I finished this: Freaking gorgeous, interesting characters, a nice slice of life.

Who would I give this to: Fans of dancing or aesthetically pleasing films. In the Japanese version, it does a great job of portraying every day Japanese life.

Any complaints: It’s slow to start and a little boring in parts. While it depends on the person, I personally don’t like slow films.

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