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Vote for Mami/Homura

Well, Madoka is out, but Mami and Homura are still hanging on. Both are up against hard battles, with Mami up against Ika Musume, C.C, Shiina, and Nanoha today, while Homura has to face Iwasawa of Angel Beats! fame.

Again, if you have a vote to spare for one of the two, please vote! I really want a Madoka Magica girl to make it into the actual competition.

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Vote for Mami/Homura/Madoka

This is a International SaiMoe post.

Personally, I think Kanade of Angel Beats will go home victorious this year, but I would like if one of these ladies made a strong showing.

Both Mami and Homura nearly made it through phase II only to be knocked at the very end.

My personal favorite among the candidate is Mami. As the beautiful lady of war, she didn’t last long on the screen, but while she was there, she made more of an impact then most characters make in an entire series.

Homura is a strong candidate as well. The formerly vulnerable girl, she has become cold and hard through being forced to relive the same events over and over, and has completely run out of patience for anyone else’s shit. What’s utterly fascinating is who she use to be, who she is now, and just has easy attached I’ve become to both her incarnations. All out of love for some now dead girls that all happened to be similar enough that she could see them as the same person. It’s also hard not to feel sorry for her. Even if she saves Madoka, this Madoka won’t be the Madoka(s) that she so fiercely loved.

When I say vote for Madoka, I don’t know which one in the race. The wimpy one, or the confident heroic one? I suppose whichever one you personally perfer. She’s been the least popular girl in Saimoe, probably due to how unpopular she is overall–but personally I like both incarnations. I wouldn’t mind if she made into the actual competition.

All of these girls are in different pools right now, so if you have a vote to spare, cast one for these three girls.


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