StitchBlog #1 PokeStitch Creations WIP

Where have I been? I’m not answering. Instead let’s dive into stitchblog, where I talk about cross stitch!

Today I’m looking at PokeStitchCreations etsy store! I’m currently stitching and enjoying the pikachu pattern! Check it out here!

I really love the designs in this shop. They have this blocky look. Yet, they still look like the official art. Its a unique reimaging and I quite enjoy them.

What I didn’t love back when I bought it in 2021 though was the lack of a list of colors to use. Look, I had no confidence in myself. If someone doesn’t tell me the exact shade of yellow to use, I’m lost.

1.5 years later, I feel like I’m enough of an adult to pick out four colours without my hand being held. While I still think not having a list of thread colors is silly, I have to be honest–a lot of the time they’re just suggestions.

As for pikachu…I’ve been working on my friend for two days. I expect he’ll be finished by next week.

Anyway hope you enjoyed my ramblings! This is Janette, signing off.