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Final thoughts on Kyubei

He is one of my favorite characters ever. Everything up to when Madoka *beeeeeeeeeep* was  awesome, and just, the little guy and all his manipulative ways has really grown on me.

Although at the end of episode 12, I didn’t like Kyubei as much, but still couldn’t help thinking the only reason he was that way was due to the fact that it was the behavior that was the most productive to getting what he wanted…I will never see a magical girl mascot the same way again.


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What the HECK is Homura?

Homuru has always been and still is a mysterious character in Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica, but episode 5 managed to makes things about her seem even more confusing, not less.

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Deal with the Devil?

As this scene unfolded, it seemed very reminiscent of a situation where one makes a deal with the devil. After all, in a way these girls are surrendering their souls for the chance to have their wish come true.

My thought right after was, “When has the devil ever been this cute?”


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Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica first impressions

I’ve been really excited about this. After all, Shinbo did already direct this, well, semi-obscure magical girl series that I guess has a few fans and I happen to be one of them. So when it was revealed that he’s doing it again, and this time with the whole SHAFT studio behind, I had my fingers crossed that it would be good. After all, I know he can make the genre work. So far, I’m very very pleased.

The type of moe that appears in my nightmares.


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