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Food Is Serious Business at my Previous College

Lately, my family has been struggling to get the refund we were promised from my previous college, which has been a bit of a financial problem. Having paid for semester at one college, then having to pay for a quarter at another–even community–without a refund, is not cheap. My mom had contacted them this morning, and they said my bill needed to be sorted out first. Well, I got my bill this afternoon…

According to this, my meal plan for the semester is close to six times the cost of tuition at my college! With that sort of price, you’d expect that we each had a personal chef that served us only the highest grade meat and exotic fruits every day, not the typical standard cafeteria style fare you see at colleges. I wish. Although, if they did have personal chefs, it’d really increase retention rate!

I will say that I definitely didn’t agree to pay this much when I signed the contract, and once I’m done chuckling, there will hell to pay. Also the cafeteria people at my former college were wonderful, and obviously not responsible for this. It’s the administration and bursar’s office that kinda, well, isn’t so hot. And would be really nice if it just refunded our money rather then ending up dealing with…this.

Edit: This is not how much my meal plan should cost. It was already paid off. They either goofed royally at the bursar’s office or are being a  pain in the butt to us about refunding the money.


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Pokemon Crossover Fanart

There are six days until Pokemon Black and White comes out in America. I am stoked. The real bummer is I have to go to church before I can get the game, but oh well. Out of anticipation, there are going to be quite a few pokemon related posts this week on whatever the heck I feel like. Today, it’s going to be a look at the amount of Pokemon crossover with other animes fanart out there. (If anyone is for some reason trying to keep from being spoiled for 5th gen, this post is not for you.)

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