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Julie and Julia review

“Julie and Julia” is the story of two women. One of them is ordinary Julie, bored and frustrated with her day to day life. So she starts a blog, taking up the challenge of cooking Julia Child’s cookbook within a year. The movie also focuses on the story of Julia Child, how she got involved in cooking and got her book published.

Why I Picked it Up: I have no idea. Really. I just had a desire to see this during the summer, although I’ll be damned if I knew why. When the movie came out on dvd, and I found it at my library, it was a moment of “SCORE!”

Why I Finished This: To be blunt, this was a really good movie. This isn’t so much a movie as two mini-movies squished together into one movie, while we constantly switch between one and the other. The light-hearted tone of Julie’s story fits very well against Julia’s story as Julia struggles to overcome many challenges in the world of cooking and publishing. Julie is a quirky, hyper, and entertaining character to watch, making me laugh on several occasions. The scene where she cooks the lobster is wonderful. Mostly though, while she takes of cooking, her story is one of a blogger, covering the joy and struggles of the hobby. As a blogger myself, I could relate to this very much. Still, Julie’s story pales to that of Julia’s.

Julia’s story is an engaging and emotional tale. Meryl Strep makes a fabulous Julia Child, getting all of her mannerisms down well, as well as presenting a likable character the one finds themselves getting attached to and caring about. Julia Child’s story is more serious then Julie’s, and caused a stronger emotional reaction in me then Julie’s did. All the challenges she had to face, and her optimism and perseverance presented in this movie was just amazing. I really enjoyed seeing the relationship between Julia and her husband. It was adorable.

As an added bonus, all the food looks delicious.

But: All my buts lie with the Julie side of the story. The drama that appeared just didn’t work for me, and all I could think was ‘get on with it.’. Not to mention that Julie started to get on my nerves near the end. She’s cute, but there were little things that bothered me here and there, not the least of, her obsession with Julia. I’m not sure what the director was trying to do with this, but when my sister said, “Her husband does know she’d leave him in a heartbeat for Julia Child if she could?” I couldn’t help but laugh.

The ending is a little abrupt as well. I feel the director tried to prevent it, but as the movie never winds down, it still feels abrupt.

Otherwise, it’s a long movie. Worth it though.

Who Would I Recommend This To: Bloggers, for the Julie half, and anyone with an appreciation for Julia, or even just women accomplishing awesome stuff, or just a story of a person working hard for a dream, the Julia half.

Final Rating: 4/5-I loved it. Close to 5/5 but not quite there.

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