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I Will Be Back For Fall Season, I Promise.

Hi guys. So this has sat…and sat…and sat…and I probably owe you all some sort of explanation. Long story short is I had another medical condition that flared up, longer story is below the cut.

And before someone asks why I have so many medical issues, I honestly don’t know. There seem to be two main issues, and everything else are conditions which come with it. There was the fibromyalgia diagnosis in February, and in May, I was diagnosed with CVID. This falls under problems related to CVID.

In the end, Black and Blue Socks comes down to this. My life goes through cycles of being well, sick, and well. Currently, it’s more often sick then well although slowly, as in the past couple years the doctors have been diagnosing everything that’s plagued me for years, and I remain optimistic that I will get to the point it’s more well then sick.

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