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The Characterization of Sayaka

“There’s nothing I hate more then the words I did it all for someone else.” Break, Pandora Hearts

Last night, I started thinking about Sayaka’s characterization last night. She’s the most Essentially, she was already a ticking time bomb, set to go off. Sayaka was living an existence that no person can possibly live. What makes her so terrifying is that by being a mahou shoujo, she has the powers to be extremely dangerous when she goes off.

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The Characterization of Kyouko

While over the past couple episodes I’ve come to really like Kyouko, the reveal all that the series gave the viewers in episode seven pretty much elevated her to my favorite character. I’ve had some theories about her since episode five that I kept to myself as they were mainly based on throwaway lines and gut instinct that much to my surprise turned out to be true.

My theories aren’t normally right and I’m really not use to this. Maybe it was that obvious?

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