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A Wrap-Up of my Various Thoughts on the Ending Of Madoka

Things have finally come to an end, and I personally enjoyed the ending. However, I still have a lot of thoughts bouncing around that will all be covered here.

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Final thoughts on Kyubei

He is one of my favorite characters ever. Everything up to when Madoka *beeeeeeeeeep* was  awesome, and just, the little guy and all his manipulative ways has really grown on me.

Although at the end of episode 12, I didn’t like Kyubei as much, but still couldn’t help thinking the only reason he was that way was due to the fact that it was the behavior that was the most productive to getting what he wanted…I will never see a magical girl mascot the same way again.


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Vote for Mami/Homura

Well, Madoka is out, but Mami and Homura are still hanging on. Both are up against hard battles, with Mami up against Ika Musume, C.C, Shiina, and Nanoha today, while Homura has to face Iwasawa of Angel Beats! fame.

Again, if you have a vote to spare for one of the two, please vote! I really want a Madoka Magica girl to make it into the actual competition.

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Vote for Mami/Homura/Madoka

This is a International SaiMoe post.

Personally, I think Kanade of Angel Beats will go home victorious this year, but I would like if one of these ladies made a strong showing.

Both Mami and Homura nearly made it through phase II only to be knocked at the very end.

My personal favorite among the candidate is Mami. As the beautiful lady of war, she didn’t last long on the screen, but while she was there, she made more of an impact then most characters make in an entire series.

Homura is a strong candidate as well. The formerly vulnerable girl, she has become cold and hard through being forced to relive the same events over and over, and has completely run out of patience for anyone else’s shit. What’s utterly fascinating is who she use to be, who she is now, and just has easy attached I’ve become to both her incarnations. All out of love for some now dead girls that all happened to be similar enough that she could see them as the same person. It’s also hard not to feel sorry for her. Even if she saves Madoka, this Madoka won’t be the Madoka(s) that she so fiercely loved.

When I say vote for Madoka, I don’t know which one in the race. The wimpy one, or the confident heroic one? I suppose whichever one you personally perfer. She’s been the least popular girl in Saimoe, probably due to how unpopular she is overall–but personally I like both incarnations. I wouldn’t mind if she made into the actual competition.

All of these girls are in different pools right now, so if you have a vote to spare, cast one for these three girls.


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Madoka Magica Coming of Age

I said I had one more editorial in me, and that wasn’t exactly true. Instead I wanted to link to someone else’s commentary, that I felt made an excellent point after having reached the same conclusion I had. All magical girl stories are coming of age stories with being a magical girl the journey that forces the girl to grow up and mature.

But if that’s the case, as Madoka Magica, what does that make Madoka?

The writer isn’t the clearest, but she makes an excellent point, and reaches the conclusion I’ve been struggling to reach.

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We’ve Been SHAFTED (Madoka May Indeed Be Cancelled From Airing On TV)

From the livejournal community I watch:

Madoka has no plans of airing the episode next week, and even more, they have no confirmations if they are ever airing the episode on April at all.

“Apparently. MBS will not air any more of Madoka episode THIS MARCH, and they don’t even know if they will actually air at all. Same for TBS. It is likely that entire two episode of Madoka getting cancelled.”

(Poster’s info is from 2channal)


I have mixed feelings. Yes, I am disappointed. Madoka is the series that I hoped I would one day see, but was never certain I would. It was an anime that didn’t have to be perfect or amazing, yet would air while I was blogger, and have the potential to be a classic by being an anime that was intriguing, something new, and had a wide appeal that drew in a huge audience. There had been some ones that tried (Panty & Stocking, Durarara) but I felt never did it. Yet this has almost done it. I don’t know if this blew it or not.

But at the same time, I understand why, and don’t feel anger about this. Madoka had the potential to have a very tragic and upsetting ending. And now, the people of Japan-the main audience-is in a very fragile emotional state. We’re removed from the destruction and death they’re facing on a day to day basis. If the content may be too upsetting and needs to removed for the time being, so be it.

After all, we will get to see the episodes eventually. The worst I can imagine is that we’ll just have to wait until the final DVD is released. But even if the episodes were never released, I can’t say Madoka is that bad as an uncompleted work. All the important questions were answered and we were left awaiting the final showdown.

Yes, it is disappointing, but the fact is, life happens. I do have one more Madoka post left in me that I’ll post sometime this week.


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Why I Love/Loved Madoka Magica

Scamp recently did a post pointing that Madoka is coming to a close soon, and that while it could have a glorious ending, it also could completely tank. Thus he wanted the post out there to remind him, should the show tank, there was a reason he loved the show. I thought that this was a fabulous idea, fabulous enough that I wanted the same little memo for myself in case the ending tanks.

Yeah. This is NSFW under the cut.

What bites about getting photos off tumblr is I don't know where they come from.

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The Homura Episode

Madoka pretty much blew my mind this week with an absolutely amazing episode. As much as I loved last episode, and will have a soft spot for it, I think this week was by far the best epiosde of Madoka, and has made watching the whole series worth it. No matter how it ends, it’s been worth it. I also bet the episode will be sub-standard compared to that ending. This is probably the only time we’ll see Madoka as a magical girl.

So. A run down of my observations this episode. A note that a running motif(right word?) in this series is fate, and through the various timelines, we can see what is fated to happen.

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Shameless Shipping Extra KyoukoxSayaka

I know, shameless shipping is over and done with. But Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica is such a dark series, and these are such a cute paring that I’m kinda obsessed with that I really wanted to do a shameless shipping post for them. And I do shamelessly ship the two.

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So Homura is Madoka from the future theorists…

My hats off to you. It’s implied that Homura is Madoka from a different timeline. And pretty great that they don’t downright spell it out for us but still make it so obvious when Homura breaks into a Madoka-esque speech. Brilliant. I wasn’t seeing it, but it seems to be the case.


Now I’m going to go look for Sayaka x Kyouko yuri for the rest of my life.


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