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I Love Random Hand Holding Moments

Such a cute, wonderful, and semi-awkward moment.

Awesome, a note about episode 6 of Wandering Son. I have seen way too many renditions of Romeo and Juliet anime style. However, this is by far the best version of Romeo+Juliet I have ever seen.

If only there was…

Yui the tree.


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Level E first impressions

Before we continue, I think two things should be know. First, the guy who wrote Level E wrote Yuyu Hakusho and HunterXHunter. I loved the manga and anime of Yuyu Hakusho back in my younger days up until the end of the Dark Tournament arch. To this day, I have a Yuyu Hakusho poster in my room back home. I especially loved the parts that were more thoughtful and less about the fighting, which were surprisingly plentiful in the beginning of the manga. I also did love the blood and gore, I admit, but I was an angry sixth grader, I think I deserve a little slack there.

As I watched the intro for Level E, I was reminded of another one of my great loves. One of my favorite movies is Men in Black (don’t mention the sequel to me though). The introduction reminded me of the movie so damn much…and at that point, I think I was immediately in love.

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