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Bonk Review

Summery: Author Mary Roach looks on the scientific answers on various questions about sex, a quest that will lead her into many interesting places, to meet many interesting people, and to end up in many awkward positions. Roach doesn’t argue a point, but rather takes a topic, and explores differing opinions and positions on it from various people in the field of sexology.

Why I Picked It Up: It’s about sex. I like sex. I mean, the science of sex.

Why I Finished It: It was interesting. It’s not just about the science, although it’s hard for sex to be boring. It’s the people that Roach meets from a Taiwanese doctor that loves his job of fixing dysfunctional penises to an Egyptian scientist that conducted an experiment on rats involving their sex lives when they wore pants. She also writes with a strong sense of humor that not only makes her writing amusing, but makes the reader feel at ease despite the fact the book is about an awkward. Also accenting the book is the use of…tasteful pictures throughout the book.

Thanks to this book, I also have a bunch of great conversation ice breakers.

But: The book starts off with the history of sexology which is frankly, a little boring. It is hard to get into it at first, and tempting to just give up on it.

Who Would I Recommend This To: Anyone brave enough and interested in learning about sexology. Enjoy~

Rating: 3/5


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