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Amazing Grace Review

Amazing Grace actually has very little to do with the song, although it does appear in some scenes, and the creator of the song is a character in the movie. Actually, the movie is about William Wilberforce, an important force in getting anti-slave legislation pushed through Parliament in 19th century Britain.

Why I watched it: Sora no Woto gave me an interest in the song Amazing Grace, and initially, I didn’t realize the movie wasn’t about the song.

Why I finished it: While the movie ended up having little to do with the movie, it was still incredibly interesting and well produced. It’s a tense, and sometimes frustrating political drama marked by witty dialogue and amazing performances of by the actors. The characters that the actors provided were interesting themselves, while they were working for a good cause, they had flaws and there only personal agenda.

But: The non-linear story telling made it a little confusing at first, and the movie was a little slow at times.

Who Would I Give This To: History buffs, Fans of (non romantic) dramas.

Final Score: 4/5, I loved it!

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