My Stardew Valley Experience

Back when Stardew Valley came out in February, a lot of people shared their experiences on it. It was a phenomenon that swept the internet. I went into my local game shop that so happens to play twitch streams, and there was Stardew Valley streaming on the tv. And then there was a lot of youtube videos about it. The general consensus is Stardew Valley is pretty great. I agree. It’s a lot like the Harvest Moon game I’ve wanted for a long time. I love Harvest Moon, but the series has gotten too compliant with it’s success and the games these days lack something that Stardew Valley has. But I’m not going to sit here and talk about how awesome a game Stardew Valley is because I’m covering old ground. What I am going to talk about is that I love modding Stardew Valley just as much as playing it.


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Hardcore Henry Review

Better once in a blue moon then never, right? I went and saw Hardcore Henry tonight, and have a non-spoiler review. For anyone who also follows me on my tumblr at, it is cross-posted there as well. Enjoy!

I really liked Hardcore Henry.

Hardcore Henry is sitting at a 51% on Rotton Tomatoes. I went to see to see it tonight and had a great time. It wasn’t the best movie ever, but it was what a movie needs to be–satisfying.


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Kiniro Mosaic is a better show then K-on!


I said it.

I’m not exactly sure what that statement says. Kiniro Mosaic is a great show, and I think I really dismissed it by saying it’s just another slice-of-life. It’s a really good slice-of-life that has a unique charm to it that I enjoy. Kiniro Mosaic doesn’t take itself seriously, and the stories tend to feel unique and fresh even if they’re cliched ideas–with the exception of the beach episode (S2E10). That sucked. My only complaints is with the characters. The characters are far from being just cardboard cutout archetypes placed in cute girls bodies, but sometimes it feels like their personality traits or quirks are a little over exaggerated. While this can sometimes be entertaining, it’s really hit or miss.



I think Kiniro Mosaic could easily become my go-to slice-of-life. Besides entertaining stories, it’s has other things, such as the outfits Shinbou made.



The characters from England and their Engrish.kir

The final musical episode of season 1 which includes characters as a pirate.


And overall the series has an innocent feel and sense of fun that makes it a very fun slice of life to watch, and keeps it from falling into the problem that other slice-0f-lives can run into where they can be incredibly boring. For anyone who likes slice-of-life, this is a must-watch.


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The Bard’s Tale and I

There have been a lot of exciting kickstarters lately. Yooka-Laylee and Bloodstained are the biggest ones.  The one I’m most excited about is inXile’s The Bard’s Tale IV. Having already done the well-received Wasteland 2, they’ve moved on to remake this classic game as well..

Anyone who has grown up with videogames can usually quote videogames of their childhood. Almost everyone names Mario and Zelda and the whole Nintendo family. For me, it was The Bard’s Tale.



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So an update on that giveaway

I do apologize, I tried to post a link for my giveaway and the link didn’t work. However, there is still a week to enter! Here is the link:

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Would you like to win a copy of The Fruit of Grisaia for Steam?

Do you have a tumblr?

Just reblog this post on my tumblr at as many times as you want for a chance to win.

Be over 18 first.



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Why Pokemon Shuffle Doesn’t Work For Me

Pokémon Shuffle was released forever ago. February 18th to be exact. When it came out, I ignored it, stuck in my bias that it was Free Too Play garbage, and I had tons of other stuff to play. My mom and sister checked it out, and they seemed really into it, so around April or May I decided to give it a try.

Pokemon Shuffle is a match three puzzle game with pokemon. You match pokemon to beat the pokemon you’re fighting in a certain turn limit who will put obstacles in your way, and then you try to catch it. It’s really simple and lots of fun. But there’s a slight issue which divides people on whether it’s a good game or not. Each time you enter battle, it costs a heart. Hearts are regenerated every thirty minutes, and you can accumulate up to five. Which is kinda dumb when each match lasts about 30 seconds. You can buy crystals, which gives you more hearts, although you can earn a small amount of crystals in game. I’ve rarely heard of people spending money on the game, most players just play every two and a half hours and don’t spend a dime.  People who play that way are quick to lash out at those who criticize the system, saying that not wanting to play that way is impatient.

Pokemon Shuffle breaks my heart. I love the gameplay. But it doesn’t work for me. I’m a person who has a full time job, a hour drive to said full time job, and lots of socializing to do outside that full time job. Usually the way I play video games is a few hours a few times a week, and a game that’s wants to be babysat like a Tamogotchi is not going to cut it. I’m probably playing less then ten minutes all week. Yes, I could buy crystals, but the amount of money I would be shelling out would be way too much compared to what playtime I would be getting because the rate isn’t that good, and there isn’t a cap.

I don’t think Pokemon Shuffle is utter garbage though, I think there’s definitely a way to play it and enjoy it, it just doesn’t work for me. I don’t think the argument that everyone who doesn’t like Pokemon Shuffle hearts system is impatient is valid either. If you’re someone who doesn’t play videogames that often, it is really underwhelming. Meanwhile, I’ll probably pick up Pokemon Battle Trozei, which is only $7.99, and will fit much better to my playstyle as well as play Pokemon Rumble World (which I will point out that I actually spent money on compared to Pokemon.




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Cleaning Up

I have finally finished cleaning up An Obsessive Compulsive Blog. I think. I deleted the blogroll because it sucked and was out of date, let me know if you want me to check out your blog for my new blogroll (chances are I’ll add you).

Twitter was updated to new twitter because previous twitter was hacked by Russian spam.

All previous banners were removed caused they used fanart, and using fanart without permission or credit is not cool and I was dumb for doing it in the past. Current banner is an end card from one episode of Nisekoi. All banners from now on will either be official art or screenshots from anime, because there is no good way for me to make sure artists get credited when using their work for a banner.

Keeping the rubric up because while I don’t see myself writing any full length reviews, I like the rubric, and if I change my mind, while I will rewrite it, I’d like that as a base.

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Dancing On Broken Glass Impressions

This is part of book project where I read books focusing on bipolar disorder, or bipolar characters,

Dancing On Broken Glass is the story of Lucy and Mickey. Mickey is type 1 bipolar, usually resulting in severe manic episodes that put him in the psychiatric ward. Lucy worries a lot about cancer which has killed multiple members of her family. Despite Lucy getting her tubes tied, she gets pregnant. Then Lucy gets cancer. Then, yeah, you can see where this is going.


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