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Pokemon Crossover Fanart

There are six days until Pokemon Black and White comes out in America. I am stoked. The real bummer is I have to go to church before I can get the game, but oh well. Out of anticipation, there are going to be quite a few pokemon related posts this week on whatever the heck I feel like. Today, it’s going to be a look at the amount of Pokemon crossover with other animes fanart out there. (If anyone is for some reason trying to keep from being spoiled for 5th gen, this post is not for you.)

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RIP Takeshi Shudo

Wow, that’s pretty much a huge chunk of my childhood. I loved, like a lot of my peers, the original Pokemon series and remember watching it every day. The series has a sense of fun and adventure, and opened up many possibilities which caught the eye. Especially considering what else was on, I don’t think it was much surprise Pokemon became as popular as it did.

I can’t lie. Even when I’m now 18 years old, I still pop in an old VHS or a DVD with some of the older episodes when I’m having a really crappy day, and still enjoy those old episodes. To me, they’re timeless. One of the episodes he did, Gastly and Ghost Maiden, was one of my favorites, and one of the first Pokemon episodes I watched.

Rest in Peace Mr. Shudo. He may be gone, yet the anime still continues.

An even better dedication post

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Fibonacci Pokemon

What I learned in math today…

4th generation doesn’t appear at all…


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If You Ever Wondered if Pokemon Was Serious Business…

…Nintendo has confirmed that yes, yes it is.

First off, the infamous events at and Poke(r?)beach where they received a C+D over the posting of screenshots of Black and White. Basically, stop posting them or face legal consequences of having their site taken down. Many suspect that the C+D are false, myself included. However, when both and Poke(r?) beach contacted the lawyer, the guy said it was true. If it true, Nintendo could afford a more professional lawyer.

(click to see full picture)

While Nintendo is in the legal right, this is also, in my opinion, a stupid move. The only thing Nintendo needs more then a better lawyer is a better advertising team for the Pokemon games. People posting the screenshots and images on websites like this is the best advertising they could hope to end. I don’t know about anyone else, but got me far interested in the game then I bet one of their half-butted ads would have.

Story at Kotaku

Meanwhile, Nintendo has also put in anti-pirating measure in the Pokemon Black and White roms. Seems that anyone who tries to use roms can’t level up! While it’s funny to see what quotes Sankuku chooses from 2chan to include on his site, I don’t really have an opinion on video game pirating, or whether it’s a good thing or bad thing. Pirating Pokemon, I think is just dumb, because Pokemon is a game meant to be played with others, but if you want to take that element (and one of the best parts) out of your game experience just so you don’t have to pay any money, uh, your life.

Article here.

Nintendo. What will they think of next? Remember guys, Nintendo has made it clear…


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Thoughts on Pokemon Black and White

I have a lot of mixed feeling about the upcoming Pokemon Black and White, as Nintendo has promised that Black and White will be completely unlike the previous games. From what I’ve seen so far, it appears to be a mixture of Pokemon Ranger and the former Pokemon games. The best to describe it is there are things I like, and there are things I’m nervous about.

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The second half of Soulsilver is rather weak

I don’t like the second half of SoulSilver.

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