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12 Days of Christmas Day 9: Penguins are Awesome Dood

When I recieved Disgaea DS, it was around March or April from my favorite game store, our local Game Crazy. It was one of the many games I got from them as the time due to the fact they were having a ‘Going Out of Business’ sale. The loss weighed heavily on me then, and it still does. In small towns where business owners get to know everyone, especially when they’re a small store, and you visit them every week, happens.

It wasn’t until August that I would play the game. I was very nervous about whether I’d like it or not. When I booted up my DS and saw next to the Disgaea DS the picture of what looked like a penguin playing a DS, I was in love.

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Disgaea just got frusterating for me

Inbetween working on homework, and this amazing cold I developed as I always get sick when stressed, I’ve been playing through the same game I’ve been playing through since August: Disgaea.

I’m severely underleveled in Disgaea due to my usual “I want to level everyone up” tactics. For the most part, I’ve been able to compensate for being underleavled with having high leveled and top tier gear as well as (well, I’d like to think) my awesome tactics. So it really hasn’t been a big deal, and actually I haven’t really noticed it as a handicap.

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