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Umineko Episode 08



Though when there’s a translation, figuring out what’s going on might be easier, but as right now…


Update: I’ve tried to come up with a coherent way to express my thoughts, and I just can’t. It’s a let down. I haven’t been trolled this hard since Endless Eight. To be honest, as much as I’ve enjoyed working on the mystery, with these results, and any possibility of a happy ending at any angle no longer existing, I’d rather magic exist. The big problem is, the ending doesn’t really work. Too much doesn’t make sense. And then any optimistic elements were crushed. All the characters I cared about were either dead or didn’t exist in the first place. Just dammit. There is no love in this ending. Just troll troll troll.

A quote from Animesuki:

“Suppose you are reading a detective story with an intriguing situation. A corpse (let us say) is found strangled, sitting in a chair by a window, and wearing a domino mask; and all the clocks in the house are found with their faces turned to the wall. You are carefully warned that the blazing clue to the truth is the fact that there is a teaspoon in the victim’s pocket, and that, without all these things being just as they were, the crime could never have taken place. … Now, suppose at the denoument the identity of the killer was revealed — for the simple reason that his fingerprints matched those on the collar of the strangled man. Would you feel cheated? That’s exactly what might happen in life; but would you feel cheated? You know damn well you would. … He admits the crime. Then he shoots himself. Consequently, you never know the significance of the mask or the reversed clocks, or what deduction you should have drawn from the teaspoon. Page 315, ‘The End’. What would you do? You would strangle the author, lynch the publisher, and shoot the bookseller.



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