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Suggested Reading June 26th-July 3rd

Is this what I think? Yes, after a long break, Suggested Reading has returned. Woah Nelly! Next thing you know, I’ll be commenting on blog posts again. Spring Season ending, Summer season beginning, and a ton of licensing with someone even snatching up the big hit Madoka.


Spring Season 2011 (talking about spring anime, after all the hype I started watching Ano Hana. I like it. I really do.Despite my love of moeblobs, I can’t stand Menma and don’t get the hype around her. Give me Nessa Back.)

Yumeka reviews both Noitamina shows.

Hell is Sexy-Enma-Kun

Gosick final impressions

The Nullset’s Top Picks for Spring, Part 1

The Post-Cyberpunk of Stein’s Gate

Ano Hana

Of Kami and Buddhas: The Motivation to Placate Menma’s Ghost

An Anthology of Comments

Summer Season 2011 First Impression

Double J first impressions

Scamp dislikes Blood C

God’s Memo Pad doesn’t suck. But it’s J.C. Staff. They’ll mess it up.

Future Anime

Atlus puts out a full length trailer for Persona 4. I love Yousuke.

Ghibli’s next film

Past Anime

Oguie Maniax reflects on Kiddy Grade and Kiddy Girl And. Kiddy Grade sounds like the sort of thing I’d enjoy. Both series sounds like they’d make Scamp want to gouge his eyeballs out. I think we should make him watch it.

Feminine Wiles in FLCL at Listless Ink


Kimi Ni Todoke has been licensed by Nippon Ichi

Madoka is licensed by Aniplex

Funimation grabs Steins;Gate, can someone grab the VN now?


Canne’s Ask “Can Anime be A Lifelong Passion?” (I hope so. The idea of being in my job and in anime is too irresistible.)

Animephobia–The Fear of Anime

Megami Magazine volume 133


AnimeYume is nine years old

What Kind of Post Title Attracts More Readers?

Super Smash Bros and Non-Traditional Videogames

People Who Eat Darkness Review

The Magical Girl with Guns is coming to America, soon to be mascot of anti-gun laws everywhere.

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Suggested Reading April 3rd-9th

So what’s going on in the world of anime can be summed up short and sweet. The new anime season has started, and many people are scrambling to watch somewhere between what they’re interested in, and all of it. It’s a very busy and stressful time.  Oh, and Madoka final airing date has finally been announced, with a double helping April 21st.

Personal Life, I remember reading a quote saying, when bad things come, they come in threes. I recovered from my sinus infection to discover I now had an infection in my eye, as that started to clear out, just today I was treated to the painful experience of an ovarian cyst rupturing. Back to the doctor I go. I wrote this whole thing with eye medicine in my left eye as my mom decided to go to bed at ten, and the medicine needs to put in with the aid of another person. Fuck my life. I can’t fucking see what I’m typing, and praying I don’t make errors. I’m a little stressed. Can you guess I’m stressed? Lazy formatting due to the fact that I can’t see. Fancy formatting back next week.

Currently airing anime

21st  Century Boy offers an interesting perspective on Hanasaku Iroha

Previously viewing anime

Behind the Nihon Review passes judgment on the winter season

Otaku Life reviews Sister Princess

Canne reviews My Little Sister Can’t Be This Cute

Free Will, Mahou Shoujo, and Kyubei


GarGar reviews What A Wonderful World. I just checked it out from the library…


Mass Effect anime

4kids files for bankruptcy over Yu-Gi-Oh

Yamakan retires for now, confused why fans didn’t accept Fractale.  While it would have helped work on the ‘relatable characters’ thing, the ‘transitions’ thing, the ‘build-up’ thing, and how to shock up viewers without making them horribly uncomfortable or throwing in things that made no sense, the series would have been saved if you just explained why Clain’s mom was a water cooler.

Third season of Hayate the Combat Butler announced. I should watch the first two.

Disgaea 4 coming over in September

Persona 4 anime?


Preventing Anime Burnout

On a final note, due to the amount of negative comments the past few days–if you don’t like my writing, and are going to make sure that I see that you don’t like my writing, at least offer crit on how I can improve. In that case I’ll remember you. Otherwise, I’ll just forget you and move on. I don’t have time to remember none helpful critique of my work, and if I don’t know how to improve, what’s the point? However, I am always open to critique on how to improve.


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Suggested Reading March 27th-April 3rd 2010

I’ve decided to move Suggested Reading from Saturday to Sunday, as Saturdays are turning into days that are just too busy to get these posts off.

This week. In personal news, I started college again, and have a sinus infection virus thingy that has me really sick and is not going away.  Kyubei, I’ll become a magical girl to have a non-deficient immune system.  As these things tend to go, I try not to be worried, but I can’t help being a little, and between some personal drama (I’d be better with these personal drama things if each time it didn’t involve the revelation of someone having sunk lower each time then I thought possible), I’m at a low point right now.

In the anime world, money is being raised for Japan, Yu-gi-oh is serious business, and blogs hurry to get their season previews out at as the first of the new episodes are released yesterday and today. April’s Fools Day came and went, with a lot of Kyubeis in the blogsphere. Also, MAL may or may not have been bought by Funimation? Is this an April’s Fools or not? Personally, I like April’s Fools that are obviously fake and funny. I dislike ones that may or may not have the potential to be true.

Without further to do.


Future Anime

Chikorita157 Season Preview

In case you live under a rock, here is Scamp’s Final Chart for Spring

Major Arcana’s Season Preview

Ikoku Meiro no Croisee promotional video two–I’m kinda excited about this series.

Currently Airing Anime (This category will temporarily cover recently completed anime)

Abandoned Factory talks about Kore wa Zombie da?

Otaku Life reviews Dragon Crisis

Scamp’s Post for the recent true route episode of My Little Sister includes interesting conversation about the tsundere character

Other Anime

JP was not forced to watch Marcross II


Gar Gar Stegosaurus reviews solanin

and Town of Evening Calm, Country of Cherry Blossoms



Kodansha President Passed Away.

Funimation picks up Shiki

TV Tokyo and Nihon is suing 4kids over Yu-gi-oh, of all things.

4kids responds. In truth, we’d rather see Little Kuriboh’s response.

Raising money for Japan requires creativity. In Colorado, there’s pot for Japan. Justin Bieber auctioned his hair. Nopy looks at Good Smile’s charity figure to talk about their marketing tactics.


Tim Maughan talks about the ‘Elephant in the Room’ with the anime industry

Can Anime and Religion be combined? My answer is that if your religious, you can’t help but see religion everywhere. It’s a side effect of the whole thing.

What Makes an Anime Popular?

What Makes Anime Popular?

How Would You Define a Tsundere?

The Death of Kawaii


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Suggested Reading March 20-27th

A little late getting this out, but it’s been a hectic week. I had a con last weekend, something this weekend, that bug inbetween, and then my mom was sick. I’m just tired and worn out. On the blogging scene, we’re all slowly moving on, but not forgetting the events in Japan. Madoka is officially on-hold. And the Spring Season is coming, complete will allergies. So what did this week bring us?


Future Anime

Crunchyroll leaks it list for the Spring Season–why they want to affiliate themselves with Lotte’s Toy is anyone’s guess.

Animeyume Can’t Decide What to Watch This Spring

Bakemonogateri prequel to get movie. In truth, movie will be released in five parts to account for SHAFT’s schedule. I kid about the second half.

Currently Airing Anime

Gar Gar Stegosaurus talks about love is love, and orientation doesn’t matter using Wandering Son as an example.

How Kyubei Changes Everything (Madoka)

Sentai Filmworks licensed Angel Beats

Other Anime

Nopy reviews Seitokai no Ichizon

Oguie Maniax thoughts on The Borrows Arrietty, the newest Ghibli film

Cutfilmtovent reviews Working

Baka-Raptor on Panty & Stocking

Apparently, if Mai-Otome is worth checking out, even if Mai-Hime is a drag, according to GarGarStegosarus

Video Game/Visual Novel

Yi reviews Amakute Hoshikute Torokeru Chuu

21stCenturyDigitalBoy comments on the new Pokemon game


The Endless Marketability of Mika

In response to Saimoe is Saimecha. I do like mecha, but I’m not a huge enough fangirl to really know mecha that well…Tachikoma beats them all though.

Nopy on Megami Volume 130

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Suggested Reading March 6th-12th 2010

So, this week. Pokemon Black and White is out, K-On sequel mangas announced, and then on Thursday/Friday, tragedy hit Japan, and continues through today, which had affected many in the blogshere on many different levels. Btw, there will be no suggested reading next week. I’ll be at a con.

Future Anime

Just as Planned speculates on Tiger & Bunny

Fate/Stay Night Tsukihime crossover delayed again. It’s okay, I can wait…

Scamp posts his thoughts on the season preview. It’s…a typical season preview, anime that looks like is may be good, anime that probably will be bad, and anime that no one knows what the hell expect.

Abandoned Factory’s picks and predictions for the Spring Season

Other anime

Regarding K-On, Valence asks how profit affects anime.

Nopy’s Blog on Yosuga no Sora

Oguie Maniax and Creamy Mami

Otaku Life reviews MM

JP was not forced to watch Giant Robo

Video Games

Pokemon through the generations from AnimeYume

Japanator recommends YS I & II

Both Powered By Sugar and Chikorita157 are doing playthroughs of the new pokemon games


While I don’t buy figures, I love to look at them! This Touko is so cute!

A very popular story this week, Why I Would Rather Work With the Yazuka then National Geographic Television, where a man details that his attempt to do a program with NGT for the Yazuka went horribly wrong

Beneath the Tangles heart is with Libya

Orgins of the peace sign in Japan

Tsunami and Earthquake related links

On a side note, my boyfriend’s cousin in Japan. I’ve been thinking about her a lot, and if you’ve been praying, please include her. She’s okay, and has been letting us know what’s going on, and to be honest, it sounds terrifying.

Pray for Japan then Give to Japan

2DT has a moment of silence

Major Arcana says Japan has the biggest things to worry about right now

Oguie Maniax hopes they’re okay

Otaku Life on the Earthquake

Shinmaru says we owe a bit of help

Animeyume offers her condolences

Hanners Anime Blog reflects

Japanater updates and offers advice on how you can help

Said cousin asks for prayers and points out the dumbness in yelling at people for praying.

More links on what you can do to help

Rabbitpoets on how to help Japan


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Suggested Reading February 20th-25th 2010

I will rush through this, as my boyfriend is up, and note that I will be to slow to replying this weekend for such reason. Also, as I’m rushing to finish this post, people won’t stop talking to me!!!

Currently Airing Anime

Behind the Nihion Review posts season impression and seems unimpressed, meanwhile Chikorita157 seems to be enjoying the anime midseason

Dragon Crisis

Landon on the cool/suck balance in Dragon Crisis.

Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica

Everyone Hates Kyubei  Actually, I want a plush toy.

The Problem With Overspeculating. But then I wouldn’t have this section…

The Null Set talks about Madoka, Chekhov’s Gun, and other things.

Future Anime

Squid Girl gets a second season. I better finish the first now.

Book of Friends gets a third season. I better watch the first two now.

First and second promo video for the high brow Lotte’s Toy. But the characters…so reminiscent of Disgaea…resistence weakening…

Other Anime

Star Blazers to air on SyFy channel By the way, Star Blazers was what it was called when it first brought over it here…they’re not going out of their way to Americanize the title.

Canne reviews High School of the Dead

Yi talks about the fascination with the minor characters in K-On, focusing on Himeko


Cutfilmtovent marvels over how cheap the Eva movie is on Amazon.



Catherine is made easier…and then it turns out there is not English release planned. Right now Atlus, I do not like you. Not while I think you’re trolling us.


2D-T got naked

Cutfilmtovent recalls his time at Boarders

History of anime project going around…Valence and Arianna take part. All right, I’ll pretend SOMEONE cares how I got into anime and write about this sometime this week.


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Suggested Reading February 5th-12th

Currently Airing Anime

Dreameater Merry

Sentai Filmworks licensed Dreameater Merry

Level E

Landon loves green skinned women…and explains what makes Level E work.

Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica

2-D Telescope Talks About some of truly terrifying elements of the show.

Why Do Humans Care So Much Where Their Souls Are?


Other Anime

Canne’s Anime Blog reviews Sasameki Koto. I recommend it.

Scamp is being an old fag on the side. I’ve never heard of one of these, and I was with an old fag through high school.

Otaku Life reviews Persona -Trinity- Soul

Yi reviews Ika Musume


Cavestory is being remade for the 3DS. I’ll probably get it…when I actually get a 3DS.

Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni is being sold as a nice bundle on Manga Gamer. Question is, did they ever go back and fix their awful translation?


RP asked if anime blogs are dying out.

On a side note, I definitely need to go to the doctor Monday. Blargh. I apologize for my illness impacting quality.


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Suggested Reading January 29th-February 4th

Plenty of interesting things to discuss this week! Also, no more snow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2D-Telescope talks about the cultural issue in Japan which Fractle is addressing.


Yi points out the wasted potential present in Gosick, and makes me long for an Dectective Fiction anime.

Kimi Ni Todoke

Hinano never fails to make me laugh. And address exactly how I feel about this show.

Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica

Just As Planned talks about how Kyubei gives him the creeps, with the aid of picture illustrations.

Other Anime

Animeyume gives us some anime related puzzles. I bet Professor Layton wishes he was here.

Ogiue Maniax talks about the magical girl show Ojamajo Doremi. I’d like to watch it someday.

Apparently, High School of the Dead is showing on Hulu. Of all the shows that could be on there…why HSoD? You know, between stunts like this, and Naruto, that’s why people don’t take anime seriously.

I had never heard of Break Blade before Scamp talked about it. Maybe someday I’ll check it out.


JAST is bringing over the non-ero version of  Aselia the Eternal to try to reach a wider audience. I approve. I might buy the game instead of pirating it. I don’t know about JAST on Steam though…do I really want my friends to see me playing Bible Black?


Study in Japan says pirating anime helps the anime industry. Does that work for the game industry too? Maybe I should pirate Aselia the Eternal after all…

Listless Ink, Kitsune’s Thoughts, and Ruby at Chocolate Syrupy Waffles say Happy Chinese New Year!


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Suggested Reading January 28th

Since I’ve finished First Impressions, and not episodically blogging anything right now, I don’t have anything consistent I’m doing. I’m torturing Larry, but that’s not consistent. So I thought I’d combine my attempt to keep up with blogs as well as my attempt to doing something consistently through the Winter Season with these series of posts. Basically, at the end of each week, I’ll comprise a list of blog posts that stood out to me, and try to redirect other people to them. Either it’ll work or it won’t. We’ll see. Without further to do.

Suggested Reading for January 28th


2D-Telescope looks at the post-scarcity and dysfunction in Fractale. All I can think about Fractale–can you imagine never getting a hug from your parents? 😦

Beyond the Nippon Review expands, bringing Marx into this. And links to Major Arcana which I haven’t read yet, but is mostly likely worth the read.


Confused by Freezing? Just As Planned has read the manga, and can give you the low down on Freezing, and what to expect.

Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica

Oguie Maniax addresses common misconceptions about the magical girl genre, and then what is the subversion in Madoka

Madoka hasn’t messed with your brain and broken your soul enough for this week? Check out the speculations at the wiki.

Other Anime

If you’re one of the few people who haven’t seen the updated preview for the Spring Season, here it is.

Shinmaru compares Perfect Blue and Black Swan

Canne reviews Red Garden


The demo for Catherine is out!

My Little Sister PSP game is out. And I don’t know a better way to piss Kirino off then knocking up her best friend. Now to patiently wait for an English Guide.

The Piracy ‘Crackdown’

The Null Set points out that Funimation is stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Triple_R at Rabbitpoets implores us to think at the big picture. Personally, if I could get a job (I have to wait for my health to stabilize), I would happily support the anime industry. To a point. I liked Durarara, but not enough to pay $40-$50 for 9 episodes.

Animeyume looks at some solutions

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