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The Rest of the 12 Days of Christmas

On the 7th Day of Christmas, I got seven my little ponies, six friends and their princess. What started on 4chan would spread to the rest of the internet , and became a phenomenon noticed even by the outside world. Recently, The Wall Street Journal struggled to describe bronies on the front page of one of their sections.

I like Derpyhooves

On Day 8, I got 8 initial bachelors and bachelorettes. While everyone else took an arrow to a knee, I checked out the newest Harvest Moon and gave up adventuring for farming. Bitches love farms. While reviews are mixed, it’s my favorite Harvest Moon game yet.

On the Ninth Day of Christmas I got a magnitude 9.0 earthquake. I was woken up by my mother, shocked to hear about the earthquake which hit Japan and the tsunami which followed. The media enjoyed hyping up the fear of a nuclear meltdown in Japan as nuclear plants were hit hard.  Everyone banned together from the blogging community to the government to send aid to Japan during this time.

Yesterday, they were hit by a 7.0 earthquake, but seem to be okay.

On the tenth day of Christmas, I got the tenth episode of Madoka. The tenth episode not only answered the mystery behind Homura, but was, by itself, a fantastic and moving episode which demonstrated just how much could be done in only about 23 minutes. In my opinion, the episode is just as memorable as the series itself.

It would also be last episode the anime community would see for months.

On the 11 Day of Christmas, I got 2011 ending with two bills by my very own government to limit our internet use. An upsetting move, it made transparent how corrupted Congress is, with the fact that most of the country is against the bill and it violates the first amendment, but with two big industries pushing for it, it’s an uphill battle to keep it from passing. I think it was Conan who said that messing with a country’s internet is the stupidest thing you can do back in 2010 or 2011. People will put up with endless shit until you threaten their ability to play Angry Birds.

The current argument is everyone against the bill is a pirate, but when that means accusing the Human Rights Committee of being a pirate, your argument falls a little short.

With the bills fate still in limbo, 2012 opens up to a year with political drama (and not the lulzy kind from the Republican nomination race) in the air. Congress is the one who needs to be convinced, as even if the president vetoes it, a veto can be overturned.

On the 12 Days of Christmas, I got 12 people fighting to the death. Future Diary is an interesting show in that it constantly gives the finger to logic, but everything is so over the top and awesome, it makes it forgivable. It’s a dark show, but I enjoy that this focuses more on having fun with the premise. In a weird way, I wish more shows didn’t take themselves seriously, as this one does, yet still focused on delivery an entertaining product.

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12 Days of Christmas Day 6: Pokemon Black and White

In March, the long running pokemon series released Pokemon Black and White here in America, introducing the fifth generation of Pokemon. Most surprising was that the series was not more of the same old same old but actually had matured in this rendition. Continue reading

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12 Days of Christmas Day 5: I Can’t Beat Cave Story

For Easter, I got a gift card to buy the DSiware games, and downloaded Cave Story. I haven’t been able to defeat Final Cave (Hidden). The DS doesn’t allow for the precise maneuverability needed to get through. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. I also kinda suck at video games.

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12 Days of Christmas Day 1: The Golden Witch Finally Rests

Every year I participate in the 12 Days of Christmas, and this year is no different. If I can do one thing, it’s this.

It seems right to start this off where I left off last year. Umineko was a big deal in 2010, and still was in 2011. The ambitious visual novel series came to a end. Kinda.

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12 Days of Christmas Day 1: Marvel Comics Failed in the World of Anime

In 2010, the thing I was anticipating the most was the appearance of Marvel anime. The Spring and Summer brought Heroman from the studio Bones, with influence from Stan Lee, and then Iron Man from Madhouse in the Fall. Wolverine is also suppose to be airing sometimes in 2011, but I’m not sure anyone is really that excited anymore…considering that both Heroman and Iron Man, two attempts by two different studios, were flops.

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12 Days of Christmas Day 10: Exploring Innoventive Video Game Worlds

When Nintendo finally finished and decided to release Kirby’s Epic Yarn, I was pretty excited. Kirby is one of my favorite Nintendo character’s, and a new game was definitely welcome. That said, I didn’t have high expectations. With the strange fabric like graphics, and upon learning that Kirby no longer sucked, I didn’t know WHAT to expect. I really enjoyed Canvas Curse,  the last truly innovative Kirby game, but it also had some flaws in the game mechanics.

I was delighted when I first started playing, but now that I’m halfway through the game, I’m glad to see that the word ‘Epic’ deserves to be in the title. At the least, it’s the most creative game I’ve seen on the Wii in a LONG time. I also played one of the most creative games on the Gamecube, Pikmin.

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12 Days of Christmas Day 9: Penguins are Awesome Dood

When I recieved Disgaea DS, it was around March or April from my favorite game store, our local Game Crazy. It was one of the many games I got from them as the time due to the fact they were having a ‘Going Out of Business’ sale. The loss weighed heavily on me then, and it still does. In small towns where business owners get to know everyone, especially when they’re a small store, and you visit them every week, happens.

It wasn’t until August that I would play the game. I was very nervous about whether I’d like it or not. When I booted up my DS and saw next to the Disgaea DS the picture of what looked like a penguin playing a DS, I was in love.

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12 Days of Christmas Day 8: The Sands of Time Keep On Flowing.

When it comes to the world of Shoujo manga, there is one girl who is truly a hero to me. Her name is Ann. She comes from the manga Sand Chronicles.

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12 Days of Christmas Day 7: Mahou Shoujo isn’t dead, and this Franchise isn’t tired and old yet

From the title, I guess what this post is about is obvious. There are always attempts at Mahou Shoujo, or Magical Girl anime. The genre itself is so old and tired that what comes out is typically very stale and cliche, and at best, it’s watchable. When there’s been nothing being the shallow cliche, and nothing worth talking about, the genre is thought it be dead. The last time the genre was thought to be dead was 2004, when Magical Lyrical Nanoha was released, and proceeded to prove people wrong. After that, Mahou Shoujo experienced a revival. Annnnnd…died down down. Mentions of Mahou Shoujo being dead was brought up again around 2009/2010.

Meanwhile, there’s been a Mahou Shoujo franchise that had been trucking along. It hadn’t done anything that noteworthy besides entertaining the small children of Japan for years, and didn’t have that much of a fan following in the blogsphere. Furthermore, sequel series are suppose to get worse, and this franchise seemed to be supporting this idea.

I don’t think anyone saw it coming.

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12 Days of Christmas: Day 6 ShKanonTrice Theory

Over the past year, the ShKanonTrice Theory in Umineko No Naku Koro Ni has really gained momentum as many people have attempted to figure out the mystery at Rokkenjima. As someone who’s more into the fantasy and drama of Umineko no Naku Koro Ni, when it comes to the mystery, I’m just along for the ride. It’s been interesting to watch this theory develop. At first, it seemed while workable, well, farfetched. But as more of the mystery has been revealed, it actually seems Ryukishi07 is dropping hints for this to be a possibility, and now it’s rare case when a discussion of Umineko No Naku Koro Ni happens, and the ShKanonTrice theory doesn’t get mentioned.

Although, there is one important question that hasn’t been answered. Is this indeed the answer to the mystery, or is it a red herring with Ryukishi07 trolling everyone?

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