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Weekly Update 08/30/2020

Well, it has been about four months since I posted a real update on my blog. I could go into the long story, but the short story is — I came down with some mysterious viral crud, that may have been Coviid, and never got better. I ended up getting a Coviid test back in March, and the results were negative. At the beginning of July, I got an antibody test, and it was negative, which should prove that I didn’t have coviid. However, it’s common knowledge in the medical community that coviid tests have a false negative rate of about 30% and not everybody develops antibodies. So maybe I did, maybe I didn’t???

Btw if anyone knows who this artist is, please let me know so I can link/credit them
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Life In Review 03/04/2020–03/11/2020


So, for the first half of the week, not too much to report here on my end. After having 4 days off last week (woohoo), I went back and worked the next five days, the last two being the second shift. I had one day off, which I mostly spent sleeping, and then it was back to work. Work is the same old same old, and I even signed up to pick up a few extra shifts in April and May. Most of them will hopefully not be overtime, but if they are, hey, more money isn’t a bad thing? Pour one out for me if that ends up being the case though!

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What I Have Been Up To

Well we did get me updating a huge enormous legendary once for month, but it’s been a while since I updated. I know there are people who are honestly interested in me and the fact I’m not dead, so I thought I’d let you know what I’ve been doing the past two months.

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I’m Coming Back

tl;dr I’m coming back to blogging. I will not be an anime blog. I’m going to blog about whatever I feel like.

So originally this was going to be a post to confirm that Black and Blue Socks was dead. I was content just leaving the blog untouched, and hoping that people would be smart enough to figure it out, although judging by the comments I get on my old stuff, people aren’t. But then I thought about it. I miss writing. It was something I was really passionate about. Now I don’t want to make it my career. I have a career which I am also very passionate about about.  But writing has always been important to me. When I was little I always told people I wanted to be a writer, so it’s always been a point of interest for me.

So what happened exactly? Well it’s a long story.

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And Everything Else Falls Down-In the Wake of Losing Megaupload

Also, this is why the world hates America.

Technically, it's not the same thing, but it's part of our government's agenda to stop piracy.

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Megaupload is Down–The Battle Begins

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Now That The Internet Blackout is Past…

I’m pretty sure everyone noticed what happened yesterday. In opposition to SOPA/PIPA, many major and minor websites posted in opposition of SOPA/PIPA, from shutting down their entire site (Wikipedia, Nuzlocke forums) to blacking out their site (4chan) , to making statements that couldn’t easily be ignored (Google, Shortpacked, XKCD). Even right now, I’m watching last night’s Daily Show episode which I missed due to being sick, and they’re talking about SOPA/PIPA.

I hate to say this, and I mean  really hate to say this, but stopping piracy isn’t necessarily  a bad thing. But SOPA/PIPA isn’t the way to stop it.  Here at Black and Blue Socks, we’ve been against SOPA/PIPA since it’s been introduced, and will be making a statement against it as long as I can.

The two big problems with SOPA/PIPA.

1.) It’s basically has the government saying “We want all this power pretty please, and we promise not to abuse it.” Yeah, and the government is good on keeping it’s promises.

2.) It’s so vague. Theoretically my and other American blogs could be in trouble for using copyrighted images. I think? It’s really really unclear. The people who wrote the bill know nothing about the internet. The Daily Show was having fun calling out the people who wrote the bill describing people who know this stuff as nerds.

It’s been funny watching the government try to make the people fall in love with the bills. There was a commercial on tv talking about how wonderful the bill was. It was pulled in less then a day. That’s special.

PS: Sherrod Brown, guess why you’re not getting my vote? For supporting PIPA.

Here’s my favorite internet created media about SOPA/PIPA, Hitler on SOPA

Article which includes The Daily Show SOPA/PIPA Segments

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The Rest of the 12 Days of Christmas

On the 7th Day of Christmas, I got seven my little ponies, six friends and their princess. What started on 4chan would spread to the rest of the internet , and became a phenomenon noticed even by the outside world. Recently, The Wall Street Journal struggled to describe bronies on the front page of one of their sections.

I like Derpyhooves

On Day 8, I got 8 initial bachelors and bachelorettes. While everyone else took an arrow to a knee, I checked out the newest Harvest Moon and gave up adventuring for farming. Bitches love farms. While reviews are mixed, it’s my favorite Harvest Moon game yet.

On the Ninth Day of Christmas I got a magnitude 9.0 earthquake. I was woken up by my mother, shocked to hear about the earthquake which hit Japan and the tsunami which followed. The media enjoyed hyping up the fear of a nuclear meltdown in Japan as nuclear plants were hit hard.  Everyone banned together from the blogging community to the government to send aid to Japan during this time.

Yesterday, they were hit by a 7.0 earthquake, but seem to be okay.

On the tenth day of Christmas, I got the tenth episode of Madoka. The tenth episode not only answered the mystery behind Homura, but was, by itself, a fantastic and moving episode which demonstrated just how much could be done in only about 23 minutes. In my opinion, the episode is just as memorable as the series itself.

It would also be last episode the anime community would see for months.

On the 11 Day of Christmas, I got 2011 ending with two bills by my very own government to limit our internet use. An upsetting move, it made transparent how corrupted Congress is, with the fact that most of the country is against the bill and it violates the first amendment, but with two big industries pushing for it, it’s an uphill battle to keep it from passing. I think it was Conan who said that messing with a country’s internet is the stupidest thing you can do back in 2010 or 2011. People will put up with endless shit until you threaten their ability to play Angry Birds.

The current argument is everyone against the bill is a pirate, but when that means accusing the Human Rights Committee of being a pirate, your argument falls a little short.

With the bills fate still in limbo, 2012 opens up to a year with political drama (and not the lulzy kind from the Republican nomination race) in the air. Congress is the one who needs to be convinced, as even if the president vetoes it, a veto can be overturned.

On the 12 Days of Christmas, I got 12 people fighting to the death. Future Diary is an interesting show in that it constantly gives the finger to logic, but everything is so over the top and awesome, it makes it forgivable. It’s a dark show, but I enjoy that this focuses more on having fun with the premise. In a weird way, I wish more shows didn’t take themselves seriously, as this one does, yet still focused on delivery an entertaining product.

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This Time I’m Back For Good–If My Government Lets Me, That Is

As you know Bob, if you Bob are a reader of this blog, I constantly am not blogging and am complaining it’s because I’ve been sick, and promise I will return soon. Well Bob, this pattern happened again with something slightly different. I went to a different doctor, and they discovered I had a parasite inside my body. Which…is…uh…well, I didn’t believe it at first. Luckily, it was very easily treated once diagnosed.

Once the meds killed it dead, I felt better then I’ve felt since my Junior year of High School. I was left with a wee problem though. I was way behind in schoolwork for the quarter. No time for blogging yet, I had to buckle down and catch up. Now with the quarter ending for me tomorrow, I can enter a blissful existence of catching up and writing, right?

Talking about, I wonder what’s going on in the real world…I mean, I’ve been keeping up with the Republican primaries despite being Democrat as it’s by far the most engrossing reality show this year. When the producers came up with the concept, did they realize the trainwreck and awesome they had on hand? I needed something to be hyped about after Doctor Who.

Oh, wait, what’s this about American Censorship Day? Congress is what? Even worse? they’ve been trying to sneak this past the American public?

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