Purveyor of Previews at The Geekly Grind!

Hi ya’ll! I haven’t updated here all year! I’ve been working so much I haven’t had time for doing so. Yay being a healthcare worker during the pandemic.

However, if you’re missing your dose of Janette, there’s one place to find me consistently. I have been doing a weekly feature on The Geekly Grind where I preview demos and early access builds for upcoming games. I’ve been doing this for four weeks! Right now there are articles about the Nintendo Darling Miitopia, The Earthbound Inspired Lifelike, The Chill Metroidvania Little Ghost, and the Animal Crossing like Hokko Life.

Meanwhile, there will be content coming down the pipeline for this blog! What will it be~ You will just have to wait and see!

I’m also trying to update this blog as well! I’m not sure what the final product will be, but hopefully, it will be something much better.

Thank you all for sticking with me so long! Here’s to a better 2021.

Weekly Update 08/30/2020

Well, it has been about four months since I posted a real update on my blog. I could go into the long story, but the short story is — I came down with some mysterious viral crud, that may have been Coviid, and never got better. I ended up getting a Coviid test back in March, and the results were negative. At the beginning of July, I got an antibody test, and it was negative, which should prove that I didn’t have coviid. However, it’s common knowledge in the medical community that coviid tests have a false negative rate of about 30% and not everybody develops antibodies. So maybe I did, maybe I didn’t???

Btw if anyone knows who this artist is, please let me know so I can link/credit them
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Life In Review 03/04/2020–03/11/2020


So, for the first half of the week, not too much to report here on my end. After having 4 days off last week (woohoo), I went back and worked the next five days, the last two being the second shift. I had one day off, which I mostly spent sleeping, and then it was back to work. Work is the same old same old, and I even signed up to pick up a few extra shifts in April and May. Most of them will hopefully not be overtime, but if they are, hey, more money isn’t a bad thing? Pour one out for me if that ends up being the case though!

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