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The Characterization of Sayaka

“There’s nothing I hate more then the words I did it all for someone else.” Break, Pandora Hearts

Last night, I started thinking about Sayaka’s characterization last night. She’s the most Essentially, she was already a ticking time bomb, set to go off. Sayaka was living an existence that no person can possibly live. What makes her so terrifying is that by being a mahou shoujo, she has the powers to be extremely dangerous when she goes off.

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Wandering Son, in a way, hits close to home.

I like Wandering Son, but it’s slow watching. Some of it is just so painful for me

To be clear, while I don’t know what it is, I’m positive I do not have a gender identity disorder. I’d like to believe with all the disorders I do have, not all the quirks with me are disorders. But I’m not very feminine. I have a mostly masculine personality in a female body, and have never been comfortable being in a female body. In late elementary and middle school, I was downright resentful of my body.

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Dammit Fractale

I didn’t really like episode four, but it was passable. And parts of episode five were uh…oh, never mind. Episode five stunk. I feel as if Fractale is trying to do too much, and as such, is failing to do anything well.


What really got me were the actions of Nessa in this episode. Even though Nessa was pissed, I didn’t see Nessa as the type to mess with the interface and take it out on a whole ship full of people. I think the idea was Nessa was suppose to be throwing a temper tantrum, but still, Nessa lacks that’s vindictive quality.

And then everything else, especially Phryne’s super secret revelation just fell flat.

Oh Fractale. I think it’s still possible for you for to redeem yourself. But you need to shape up fast.

This was the best part--when this guy just up and started dancing away.


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The Characterization of Kyouko

While over the past couple episodes I’ve come to really like Kyouko, the reveal all that the series gave the viewers in episode seven pretty much elevated her to my favorite character. I’ve had some theories about her since episode five that I kept to myself as they were mainly based on throwaway lines and gut instinct that much to my surprise turned out to be true.

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Why would Madoka become a Magical Girl?

After both episode 5 and episode 6, I’ve noticed a lot of people commenting on Madoka not becoming a magical girl. There have been a wide range of comments, from wondering why she hasn’t become a magical girl yet, to wishing that they’d stop drawing it out and she’d just become one already.

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Thoughts on the making of a Last Exile sequel

First off.

The news of the Last Exile sequel has been out for awhile now. I’ve known about it for awhile now. But I’ve been holding back from saying anything about, I guess because I didn’t want to rain on everyone’s parade. But seeing one blog too many talk about it finally drove me to write it out. (NSFW under the cut)

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Re Sex Advice From an Anime Blogger

Alright, I had Jinx complain that I didn’t go as far as he wanted with my sex advice post, and I hate to disappoint. A few other people have said they wanted more, although I think they want more funny. The sad thing is, I don’t do funny under pressure. I thought about it, and realized, I have no idea what sorts of questions people would want to see me answer for real. However I do realize that my generation has been described as having no creativity, and relying on others for ideas. We’ve also been described as total attention whores, using the internet to receive the attention we crave.

I believe I haven’t done enough uncreative things and attention whoring this month, and as I want to tailor this for you guys, here’s how it works. You want me to answer questions? Fine. Ask me them. They don’t have to be questions about my personal life, they can be questions that just ask my opinion or, well, anything. Get some of my seen before top notch advice! I will answer them to the best of my ability in a post in the next couple weeks, as long as they don’t ask me to reveal where I live or something like that.

Should I get an overwhelming response (yeah right, I’ll be lucky to get enough to make up one post) I’ll just…split up the posts. However, before you ask questions, think. I am a 18 year old girl. Do you really want to ask about my sex life and risk finding out that I’m younger and getting laid more? Eh…not so appealing, is it?

All questions should be submitted to my tumblr via Ask Me Anything.

Yeah, uh, have fun.

Why do I think I’m going to regret this?


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Sex Advice From an Anime Blogger

(I’m poking fun at’s column where they ask for sex advice from random people…although a lot of people are goofy on the actual site, so mine may not not read all the different. Read the actual column at under Sex Advice from…)

Why date an anime blogger?

We know how to download anything. The kinky Japanese have also given us ideas to try in the bedroom that you’ve never heard of.



What has being an anime blogger taught you about dating?

Love isn’t like the movies, or anime. I love anime, but it’s very unrealistic for the most part. That’s part of the fun, actually.  Keep your love life and work life separate, i.e. don’t blog with someone you’re in love with unless you’re really committed to each other. Most importantly, no matter how crappy things get dating wise, and there will also be an episode of the anime I’m watching to see next week, life will go on, and things will get better.

How Do I Pick Up an Anime Blogger?

Well, the challenge here is you have to not come off as the typical internet perv/creeper. Honestly, be friends first and foremost, and see if things develop from there. Start off by talking on their blog, then follow them on twitter, and take it super slow. Some anime bloggers are very impersonal, and establishing communication will be impossible. Also, be prepared for a long distance relationship. Anime blogging is a very global hobby…the chances of your crush living near you isn’t almost nix unless you live in Ohio. If you haven’t gotten the idea right now, anime bloggers aren’t who you hit up for one night stands.

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The Dark Side of MM

Okay, I feel like watching MM. You know, the fanservice filled probably piece of crap that Xebec released this season. So, let’s sit down and watch. Surprisingly, this show has gotten a few honest laughs out of me. Then…


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“My Little Sister Can’t Be That Cute” My thoughts related to playing eroge

One of the odd things about “My Little Sister Can’t Be This Cute” is Kirino doesn’t seem at all bothered by the fact that there are incest sex scenes in the games she’s sharing with her brother. Although as someone who’s played eroge games, this doesn’t really surprise me. It’s so hard to take the sex scenes in those games seriously, even when they contain disturbing content or suggest really awkward things are going on. I care about the relationships that build between the characters, but I care little to none about the actual sex. It’s always so…bad.

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