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Life In Review 03/04/2020–03/11/2020


So, for the first half of the week, not too much to report here on my end. After having 4 days off last week (woohoo), I went back and worked the next five days, the last two being the second shift. I had one day off, which I mostly spent sleeping, and then it was back to work. Work is the same old same old, and I even signed up to pick up a few extra shifts in April and May. Most of them will hopefully not be overtime, but if they are, hey, more money isn’t a bad thing? Pour one out for me if that ends up being the case though!

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Listen Girls, I am Your Father! First Impressions

So my first step into the winter season ends badly. I was downloading anime, not being aware of what I was downloading, and the fact I download a Feel anime blindsided me.

I could keep it short and sweet. Gay guy finds his sexuality challenged when he’s put in the position of taking care of his sister’s kids. They will take care of him and place him in all sorts of hilarious and supposedly titillating situations until he’s straight. The hot college chick he met will step in as the mom, and he will learn the joy of having a family, until someone calls child services and explain to him that being a dad doesn’t mean getting turned on by your daughters. (Some of this is true. Some isn’t. Unfortunately, it’s the parts you wish weren’t true.)

It’s a wish fullfillment anime for the guys who enjoy that sort of thing.

I'm sorry, but if you're spoonfeeding/being spoonfed by your roommate, you're either deathly ill or there be something more going on.

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An Obsessive Compulsive Nuzlocke Run

So… my experience with a Nuzlocke run. To write about the Nuzlocke challenge, I felt like I had to have an inkling of what it was like. So I sat down, and started a run on my Pearl version that I own for hacking the game (which hasn’t really worked out yet anyway, as it seems I wore out my r+l buttons), for about nine hours. So far I can say that to me, yes, the experience is a little overrated, but it is fun none the less.

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Madoka is being cancelled i.e. the sky is falling the sky is falling

If I see a link to that article one more time, I may bash my head on the keyboard.

It'd be nice Sankaku.

Seriously guys? It’s on Sankaku. A website that likes to skew new stories to make them sound more dramatic then the really are. A website that has admitted it’s all about views and will do whatever it can to get more views. Even if it means making a big deal out of nothing, which is has countless times.

Considering how bad it is at checking it sources and not putting a spin on the story to get more readers the most amazing thing is when what they’re reporting, turns out to be 100% true.

Right now they’re just toying with people’s emotions to get reviews, which is easy to do with the bills that have been passed in Japan. It even says in the article, in a fine print way, Madoka probably won’t be canceled. And it won’t, because Madoka is insanely popular, and going to make the network a lot of money.

So guys, remember what Sankaku is best for. Daily lulz.


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Businesses Can and Will Make Going to the Restroom Hard

At my favorite local bookstore (Books&Company) they have adopted a bizarre business practice while I was at college. Naming, making going to the restroom humiliating for customers and employees alike.

They have made going to the bathroom a process reminiscent of being kindergarten.

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Gosick First Impressions

I don’t usually open with a screenshot but…

If I ever have to roll on the floor to amuse myself, please put me out of my misery.

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Infinate Stratos First Impression

What did I think of Infinate Stratos? I mean, it looked as if it had the potential to be a decent sci-fi series, and from the on-set, high production values were evident.

I liked the mecha in the fight in the beginning...

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My Little Sister Can’t Be This Cute Review

My Little Sister Can’t Be This Cute

Episodes: 12

Summery: Kyousuke isn’t really aware with what’s going on in his sister life, but as far as he’s concerned, she’s doing well. After all, she gets top grades in school, is a successful model, and a star athlete. But when he discovers his sister’s secret that she secretly loves eroge games, and realizes that she’s extremely lonely, he finds himself getting involved in her life and going to ridiculous means to help his little sister.

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Leisure Suit Larry part 5: Meeting Mama

So here we return to good ole Larry…orginally, this was a longer update, but wordpress lost it, and I went ‘forget this, I want to get something up, I can put the next part in the next update.’

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Anime I Will Not Try This Season: Bakuman

I don’t have to explain when JP and Hinano’s blog does it so well

I mean, yes, Japan is a rather sexist society, and anime, admittedly, tends to be sexist because of that. Thus, getting bothered at the sexist nature of a story in anime is ridiculous. I mean, if I’m going to get up in arms about sexism in anime, why am I watching anyway?

Except, I have limits. And now that these things have been pointed out, I don’t think I could go back to not noticing them. I’d just spend the whole time watching looking for them and being pissed about them. So why spend my time watching something I know I won’t enjoy and I’m already biased against? It makes no sense.


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