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Jurassic World: Forgotten Kingdom Review

So I saw two movies last weekend, Jurassic World: Forgotten Kingdom and Tag. I have a lot to say about Jurassic World but maybe a Tag review later? We’ll see. Let’s get to it.

I actually really did not want to see Jurassic World: Forgotten Kingdom.  I had watched Cinema Snob’s review and it was not favorable. I generally agree with the Cinema Snob and thought I would give this one a pass. But then on Friday my husband and I were by the movie theater with nothing to do and my husband suggested we go see it. He had been suggesting we see it all week and I figured I might as well get it over with.


Did this really need a sequel?

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Fractale Review

Probably one of my weakest reviews as A) This is probably my first negative review and B) I’m still sick.

Summary: Takes place in a future world where humans no longer interact with each other thanks to all their needs being provided by the Fractale system. When a actual human turns up in Clain’s life, he finds himself on an adventure where a bunch of crap happens.

Episodes: 11

Fractale initially seemed like a good deal. After all, an interesting summery, gorgeous promo image, and then it was in the Noitamina timeslot, which is a sign of an at least decent show.

The first sign that something was off was when right away, the viewer could notice the character designs had drastically been changed from the promo art to the anime. If I ever see that again, I will drop that anime as fast as I possibly can.

Girl in front now has red hair, girl in back has brown...

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