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Sora no Woto review

Sora no Woto is a story set in an alternative Earth. It follows the day to day lives of five  young platoon members in the quiet town of Seize.

Why I picked this up: As a fan of K-On, it was hard not to be intrigued by the picture of a bunch of girls that looked like the K-On characters, and the description of them being involved in a war.

Why I finished it: This story was nothing like K-On beyond having slice-of-life elements. It was much darker, and an extremely compelling story. Characters that started off as flat eventually became much more complex.  The interactions and development of not only the main characters, but the people of Seize were well done. There was the presentation of young girls attempting to be soldiers that stays with you even when the show was over. Most noteworthy was that of Kureha, while the most serious of the bunch about her job, she’s also the most immature, and really gives off the feel of just being a child. The story was an original story of living in a war torn world, where in anime, originality is rare. However, what stood about above all was the setting of Seize, a city marked by war, and trying to move on, trying to take on a lifestyle of normalcy in a world where it may not be possible. There’s a lot of mystery going on in this setting, in the making of this world, and parts of it, and while it answers some, it doesn’t answer everything. The most fun I had with fellow bloggers while watching it were the possibilities of the world.

But: While great in the first 2/3, the story fell flat in the end. Too much tried to happen in too little time, and it came off feeling like a jumbled mess that didn’t make as much sense as it should. It worked, but it really could have used more episodes to better build up to these things rather then stuff it in at once. It’s like all these great ingredients were thrown in for a cake, but near the end, too much was thrown in, and it never rose properly.

Who Would I Give This To: Bliss Stage fans. So Bliss Stage buddies, if you’re reading this…


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