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Bokurano (manga) review

While I was watching Madoka, I heard it compared to Bokurano, which I have enjoyed immensely. So when I saw Bokurano volume 1+2 at the library, I instantly grabbed it up. Upon completeling the two volumes, I then looked for the scanlations online, as I really wanted to know what would happen there.  Bokurano, while comparable, is nothing like Madoka, and a manga series that I’d say is almost if not completely original. I don’t think I’ve ever read anything like it. It also turns out that while there is an anime, the story of Bokurano takes a different turn halfway through, so the manga of Bokurano is a different experience then the anime.

Summery: 14 boys and girls, meeting at Nature School, sign up to play what the merely think is a game. That game turns out to be all to be real, however, whenever they discovered they’ve signed a contract in which they are given the chance to pilot a giant robot and protect the earth from an invading alien. The catch is the robot gets it’s energy from it’s pilots, and kills them after they finish piloting. However, they don’t have much choice. If they lose the battle or don’t fight, their planet will be destroyed. In this manga, it’s pretty obvious from volume 1 that every main character will die.

Volumes: 8

The main difference between Bokurano and Madoka is this. Madoka is a story-driven work for of metaphors. Bokurano is more physical, straight-forward, and character-driven. It asks the questions “If you could save the world at the cost of your life, when you’re young with your whole life ahead of you, would you?” and “If you knew you were going to die, how would you spend your last days?” and let’s the characters answer it with a wide variety of answers. As the story changes from character driven to slightly more story driven, the questions the characters have to answer become harder ethical questions, while at the same time the world has to cope with the sudden appearance of a giant robot wrecking buildings and killing people.

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Fractale Review

Probably one of my weakest reviews as A) This is probably my first negative review and B) I’m still sick.

Summary: Takes place in a future world where humans no longer interact with each other thanks to all their needs being provided by the Fractale system. When a actual human turns up in Clain’s life, he finds himself on an adventure where a bunch of crap happens.

Episodes: 11

Fractale initially seemed like a good deal. After all, an interesting summery, gorgeous promo image, and then it was in the Noitamina timeslot, which is a sign of an at least decent show.

The first sign that something was off was when right away, the viewer could notice the character designs had drastically been changed from the promo art to the anime. If I ever see that again, I will drop that anime as fast as I possibly can.

Girl in front now has red hair, girl in back has brown...

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Heroman Review

Summery: Joey Jones has his toy robot turn into a huge mecha robot at the same time his home town of Center City, USA is invaded by aliens. He finds himself the only one in the position to stop it.

Number of episodes: 26

Why I picked it up: Stan Lee, mecha, BONES, this had to be awesome, right?

Why I Finished This: The only reason I finished this was because I was blogging it for Rabbitpoets. Otherwise, I would have dropped this. It’s weird, because Heroman isn’t exactly a bad anime. It sits at a constant level of okay-well, except for a terrible ending. The story is okay, nothing original. The characters are okay, mostly just typical sterotypes. The fights were okay. Sometimes the episodes would be dumb, but for the most part they were okay. It was an enjoyable ride. So I shouldn’t be as bitter about it as I am. The problem is there were the few episodes that were amazing, that really stole the show, and gave the impression that this could have been SO much more then it was. I don’t know if for those episodes, someone else produced it, or if those days the producer decided to care, but those couple episodes really blew me away. Then we’d return to the level of okay leaving me still hungry for something more. Whoever was responsible for producing this series most of the time, their heart just wasn’t in it most of the time, and with the difference between the episodes, that became apparent.

Unfortunately, if the producer’s heart isn’t in to it, mine can’t be either.

Who Would I Recommend This To: No one. I don’t want anyone to be as disappointed as I was.

MAL Rating: 6

My Rating: 2/5 It was okay.

Other reviews:

Psgels gave it a 72.5 out of 100

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