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Your Hate Mail Will Be Graded Review

Summery: Your Hate Mail Will Be Graded is a selection of entries from John Scalzi’s blog “Whatever” from between 1998-2008 where he talked about whatever he felt like talking about on a daily basis.

Why I Picked It Up:  The awesome title, supporting a fellow blogger, supporting an Ohioan blogger, the fact that I’d met the guy, the introduction was written by Wheton, take your pick, or pick two or more, in the end all of them are the reasons I ended up deciding to read this.

Why I Finished This: To be blunt, I really liked John Scalzi. He’s a really interesting guy, as he talks from boring topics such a mowing the lawn to being a parent, to politics and world news. He draws the reader in by being emotionally involved in the subject no matter what it is, while at the same time using humor to make it entertaining, and a strong dose of common sense so that he knows what he’s talking about. On top of that, he has a quality that is often rare to see on the internet. One of not only preaching, but acting out tolerance. He has his own opinions, and defends his right to think differently, even if it opposes the norm, but should you disagree with him, long as you’re not shoving it down his throat, its fine. He doesn’t pretend he has all the answers, or that he’s 100% right, which is a nice tone to read in a casual blog. When I found myself disagreeing with him (usually on the topic of religion) I didn’t feel bothered to think differently then him. Scalzi is actually very open to controversy, and takes it in good humor, even from the rudest and meanest of commenters, a trait I end up pretty envious of.

I think I personally would have preferred his book been in chronological order rather then a random smattering of well, whatever, though. I found it a little jarring to be jumping back and forward between the last ten years, and I would have rather started early and progressed into the present day, I think.

Who Would I Recommend This To: Fellow bloggers. His blogging style has many positive attributes, and reading this would probably inspire a blogger with some new ideas.

My rating: 4/5


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