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Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou review

Summery: Akuto wanted to be an ordinary student and hopefully someday help society by doing something great in the world. When it came time for the fantasy school’s aptitude test, his future career came up as ‘Demon Lord’. From that point, his life would never be the same, as he fights to prevents this happening, and many try to take him out to prevent the world from being overtaken by evil.

Why I Picked It Up: Rabbitpoets review of the first episode got me interested in checking out this series.

Why I Finished It: Ichiban is strange. It’s anime that’s nothing special, and instead of trying to pretend it is, the anime goes, ‘Let’s have the most fun we can.’. The result is that Ichiban is indeed incredibly enjoyable, with all these silly outrageous antics that happen within the plot. The story makes use of the fantasy setting to help entertain, using it to help set up the many crazy events that happen. The plot for the most part makes no sense, as not enough time is spent to explain what’s happen, and it’s just easier to go along with what happens. The main weakness with Ichiban is eerily similar to another complaint I had with another Artland show, Earl and Fairy. Earl and Fairy had an interesting story, but they spent too much time on the shoujo elements, and too little time on the actual story. Replace shoujo with fanservice, and there’s the main problem with Ichiban.

I’m not sure what to say about the fanservice in Ichiban. Some of it was really great. There was also a portion of, “Did you really have to go there?”.

The characters, despite their cliché nature, are surprising charming, especially the character of the Kotone, best summarized as a perverted green haired Yuki. Most of the main characters are somewhat fleshed out, although not fully, and a lot of gaps were left. There were too many characters to fit into the 12 episode story.

I think what disappoints me the most is that the ending of Ichiban, while somewhat confusing, is incredibly awesome, especially with the amount of well-done fighting. In the end, especially with the rushed pacing, I wished they’d scaled back on the fanservice a little to add more story. Still, I enjoy what I saw. An anime needs to entertain. Ichiban Ushiro no Daimou does just that.

Who Would I Recommend This: Fans of fantasy (dragons and magic and whatnot) still waiting for a real awesome fantasy anime to come out. This will please you while you sit and wait with me.

My rating: 3/5


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How to Train Your Dragon Review

Yes, I am jumping on the Zomg! “How To Train Your Dragon” is amazing bandwagon, but it’s a move I feel worthy of all the hype. The great thing about the competition between Pixar and Dreamworks, is its encouraged Dreamworks to keep pushing to make better and better films. Finally, I believe Dreamworks has reached the level of producing a movie that proves they’re worthy competitors for Pixar. Although I don’t feel “How to Train Your Dragon” is a kid’s movie, although kids can enjoy it, but rather a movie that’s aimed for teenagers and adults. Also, it’s a movie that deserves its PG rating, not a movie that’s actually ‘G’ rated with one cuss word.

Summery: In a world where Vikings have been killing dragons for 300 years, one Viking boy befriends a dragon, and through doing some, realizes their certain perception of dragons is wrong.

Why I Picked It Up: I like fantasies, and the story really appealed to me. While I don’t make it out to the movie theaters all that often, I was on Spring Break this week, making the perfect opportunity to go out and see it.

Why I Finished It: Um, wow. The movie opens with an action scene. However, there’s so much to like about this movie. A storyline where there is more to it then meets the eye, that while not on the level of Pixar stories, was still pretty strong. The pacing was perfect. The characters on their own were interesting, but the relationships between was even better. Especially between the father and the son, which I felt was spot-on. That’s just the Vikings. The dragons themselves were incredibly well-done. I feel that the author might have been a biology major, or at least knows a lot about the topic. Not only were the mannerisms and habits of the dragons well developed, the biodiversity present in the film with the different species of dragons and the different niches they filled was amazing. On top of all this, it even has a fantastic soundtrack.

In the end, it was a huge world that presented an intense and emotional story. It’s one of those films that shows how to do story telling right with a movie, and manages to stuff a lot into it without going overboard.

But: There are a few small inconsistencies, but nothing that really ruins the feel of the story. While the animation was pretty good for Dreamworks, it was still a little rough.

Who would I recommend this to: Anyone who likes fantasies. It’s an example of fantasy at its best.

Rating: 5/5-It was amazing


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Ookami Kakushi Review

People who picked up Ookami Kakushi and watched it all the way through, myself included, seemed to go through the following phases. Optimism: The show is going to be great! Doubt: Okay, this isn’t it a great start, but give it a chance, it’ll get good. Denial: No way it’s that bad! The story is going somewhere amazing, I’m sure. Acceptance: Okay, it really is that bad. Amusment: Hey, this is so bad, it’s funny. (Usually comes around 10, 11, or 12)

Summery: Useless Hiroshi ends up in a town where strange happening are happening, people go missing, and suddenly, people keep trying to have sex with him. He does nothing while the only characters who do anything useful are Kadame or Nemuru.

Episode Count: 12

Why I Picked It Up: Ryukishi07 made the visual novel. It must be good, right?

Why I Finished This: I actually dropped this at one point, but picked it back up. I couldn’t fight it, the theme song was so catchy. Nemuru was so cool. At the end, the real reason I was watching it was so I could understand Rabbitpoet and Shinmaru’s posts making fun of it. Their posts were truly hilarious.

But: The central point to any anime working, I think, is the main character. They don’t have to be the best character on the show, but they have to work. Hiroshi is the worst main character I’ve ever seen. While there was a decent to awesome supporting cast of characters, he takes up most of the screentime doing nothing. Not to mention the plot is completely ridiculous. The abandon the premise with potential for some half baked ‘save the town’ story that makes little sense with a terrible villain. Did I mention good villains matter as well? They do. Nothing is ever really explained, the story just ends up a ‘let’s accept everyone even if they try to kill us’ message. Ugh…

Who Would I Recommend This To: No one.

Final Rating: 1/5-It was so bad, it actually became funny.

Mal Rating: 4


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Kobato Review

Kobato ends up on earth with no memories or common sense, with only a stuff dog called Ioroygi for help. A lot of her is shrouded in mystery, as all the viewer knows if she has to fill a bottle with candy to get to where she wants to go. How she receives the candy is by healing scarred hearts around her. Along the way on her journey, she meets up with Fugimoto and Sayaka, and ends up working at a nursery.

Why I Picked This Up: CLAMP series.

Why I Finished This: I nearly didn’t. Around episode 8 or 9, I seriously considered dropping this. However, I pushed through, and was rewarded. The episodes improve considerably in the second half. Not only to the episodic stories improve to that they’re no longer cheesy and boring but actually compelling and relatable, the characters improve too. No long is Kobato just clueless, or Fugimoto just a jerk, and so forth, but over the second half, the characters are fleshed out and turned into compelling characters. The character development even dwarfed that of Cross Game, also airing this season, in my opinion.

What truly made this show refreshing above that were two things. One, it was blunt and honest. Kobato creates a setting, and sticks to it, never transcending it to fit a cliché, for example the Valentine’s Day episode, or twists things to make sure that everything is happily ever after. Much of what happens is bittersweet, as it tends to be in the real world. Every once in a while, it’s a wee dramatic, but for the most part remains a realistic slice of life.

The second thing is the character of Kobato herself. She goes from a boring airhead to a genuine character that it’s hard not to love. Which is good, as she’s the main focus of the show. Kobato’s selflessness and caring for the world around her is part of her personality, and it’s hard to not be touched by her as she interacts with the world around her. As she develops, she only becomes more endearing.

But: While some of the episodes in the first half are pretty good, on the same hand, some of them are pretty bad. This is a series that one has to push through to get to the real joy of the series. It’s totally worth it, but still, the initial weak first half is what is causing me to give it a 4/5 rather then 5/5.

Who Would I Give This To: Who wouldn’t I give this to? Anyone how is patient enough to get through the first half, and enjoys slice of life. There are some fantasy elements, but they’re on the side to the slice of life.

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Penelope Review

I’m going to use this new format for my review taken from the people who do Unsheleved simply because it’s the best format for a subjective review I’ve seen. While I do use the star rating, anyone who’s look at my so-called ‘rating system’ will know it’s not based on hard numbers, but just what I feel is right.

The way the people at Unsheleved do it is simple and to the point, getting straight to the important bits. While I’m guessing it’ll take awhile for me to get use to, well, practice makes perfect. So the short and to the point will be above the cut, and other thoughts will be below.

Penelope is the story of a girl cursed with the nose of a pig trying to break her curse. The problem is, she has to find one of ‘her kind’ to accept her the way she is.

Why I picked this up: The trailers intrigued me, I like love stories.

Why I finished it: Penelope was a fabulous main character, full of sass, there were plently of amusing side characters, the character development was well done, and the movie honestly made me laugh.

Who I’d give this to: Fans of fairytales and children movies.

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Wake by Lisa McMann

Wake by Lisa McMann is a fairly innovative and enjoyable title. The basic premise is fairly simple, Janie has a special ability that she can’t control that results her being sucked into people’s dreams. Throughout the book, with the aid of a love interest, and a dead woman, she learns how to use and control her powers.

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