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My Little Sister Can’t Be This Cute Review

My Little Sister Can’t Be This Cute

Episodes: 12

Summery: Kyousuke isn’t really aware with what’s going on in his sister life, but as far as he’s concerned, she’s doing well. After all, she gets top grades in school, is a successful model, and a star athlete. But when he discovers his sister’s secret that she secretly loves eroge games, and realizes that she’s extremely lonely, he finds himself getting involved in her life and going to ridiculous means to help his little sister.

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Raising Hope Impressions

I finally got a chance to watch the first two episode of Rasing Hope, and my initial reaction after watching it was that it was fabulous. I laughed a lot during it, and I honestly can’t remember the last time something made me laugh that much. (Maybe B Gata H Kei). At the same time, it’s very hard to describe. Part of me wants to say it is just a show you have to watch and experience for yourself, though at the same time, I can see a lot of people turned off and offended by the first episode. After all, Hope’s mother dies in the electric chair.

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Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou review

Summery: Akuto wanted to be an ordinary student and hopefully someday help society by doing something great in the world. When it came time for the fantasy school’s aptitude test, his future career came up as ‘Demon Lord’. From that point, his life would never be the same, as he fights to prevents this happening, and many try to take him out to prevent the world from being overtaken by evil.

Why I Picked It Up: Rabbitpoets review of the first episode got me interested in checking out this series.

Why I Finished It: Ichiban is strange. It’s anime that’s nothing special, and instead of trying to pretend it is, the anime goes, ‘Let’s have the most fun we can.’. The result is that Ichiban is indeed incredibly enjoyable, with all these silly outrageous antics that happen within the plot. The story makes use of the fantasy setting to help entertain, using it to help set up the many crazy events that happen. The plot for the most part makes no sense, as not enough time is spent to explain what’s happen, and it’s just easier to go along with what happens. The main weakness with Ichiban is eerily similar to another complaint I had with another Artland show, Earl and Fairy. Earl and Fairy had an interesting story, but they spent too much time on the shoujo elements, and too little time on the actual story. Replace shoujo with fanservice, and there’s the main problem with Ichiban.

I’m not sure what to say about the fanservice in Ichiban. Some of it was really great. There was also a portion of, “Did you really have to go there?”.

The characters, despite their cliché nature, are surprising charming, especially the character of the Kotone, best summarized as a perverted green haired Yuki. Most of the main characters are somewhat fleshed out, although not fully, and a lot of gaps were left. There were too many characters to fit into the 12 episode story.

I think what disappoints me the most is that the ending of Ichiban, while somewhat confusing, is incredibly awesome, especially with the amount of well-done fighting. In the end, especially with the rushed pacing, I wished they’d scaled back on the fanservice a little to add more story. Still, I enjoy what I saw. An anime needs to entertain. Ichiban Ushiro no Daimou does just that.

Who Would I Recommend This: Fans of fantasy (dragons and magic and whatnot) still waiting for a real awesome fantasy anime to come out. This will please you while you sit and wait with me.

My rating: 3/5


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B Gata H Kei Review

Summery: Yamada is a sex obsessed high school girl who wishes to have one hundred fuck buddies. Problem is, she’s a virgin. When she sets her eyes on who she believes will be conquest number one, Kosuda, she finds a relationship growing between them.

Episode Count: 12

Why I Picked It Up: The first episode was hilarious, and I honestly liked the premise it.

Why I Finished It: I honestly really enjoyed this show. Rarely does anything in the media honestly acknowledge the sex drive of women, so having a girl obsessed with sex being the main focus of the show was a nice change of pace. Add this to the character of Yamada, a character who dreams big, but is completely inept at successfully executing, well, anything in the realm of dating. Put her next to Kosuda, a kind but clueless young man, that while he is indeed attracted to Yamada, he doesn’t want go too far and offend. This leads to an interesting combo. Using these guys, the producers add twists on the usual slice of life clichés, giving them a rather unusual twist. The end result is a 12 episode long with a romantic comedy.

This romantic comedy comes with a cute relationship developing between Kosuda and Yamada. While this anime does indeed fall into the pitfalls of not fully developing their relationship like most anime, it develops it further then most anime, and well, it’s adorable.

Not that the anime is perfect. The production values are lacking. Aside from Yamada and Kosuda, the rest of the cast while quirky (I liked Misato), is paper thin. The side characters of Angel Beats had more depth. It dragged a little in the middle.

In the end, this anime it just pure dirty fun, even though with the use of many censor images a lot is left to the imagination, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It wasn’t perfect, but I doubt I’ll see enough romantic comedy anime that’ll make me laugh this much in a long time. Sorry, even Arakawa Under the Bridge, also airing this season, didn’t make me laugh as much as this.

Who Would I Recommend This To: I actually made my boyfriend watch this.

My rating: 3/5-I liked it.

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Angel Beats Review

Summery: Otonashi wakes up in a strange world without any memories and a girl next to him holding a gun. When he’s ask what’s going on, she tells him that he’s dead, and introduces him to the strange sort of purgatory that they’re stuck it. She then invites him to join her in her battle against god. With nothing to lose, he teams up with the girl to figure out what’s going on and to hopefully regain his memories.

Why I Picked It Up: Angel Beats was one of the most hyped shows of the spring season and had an absolutely stunning first episode.

Why I Finished It: I’m going to combine the positives and negatives here as Angel Beats is a very complicated show to describe. Angel Beats is a show that should have been twice the length it was, and the creators tried to stuff too much in their storyline. As a result, the pacing was off, the storyline suffered, and the series was given a disjointed and chaotic feel. Yet, the creators still tried to do something with the anime, and their enthusiasm for the series came through, and I have to give them credit for that.

Oddly enough, while I doubt the disjointed chaotic feeling was their intent, it ended up fitting the series very well, so who it harmed the series in some ways, it ended up working to the series benefit in others.

Furthermore, I really liked the characters. Even if they weren’t the best developed, they were still incredibly likable, and one could sympathize with their plight of being stuck in a confusing world while they still had this inner anger. A lot of work was put into making the minor characters stand out with small and silly but noticeable quirks. The way the relationships grew between the characters, while not perfect, was enjoyable as well. In the end, the characters are what I liked best about the series, and what kept me coming back every week.

Who Would I Recommend This To: Anyone getting tired of the same old same old in anime should give this a shot. It’s not perfect, but it tries, and in the end, I really liked this.

My rating: 4/5- I Loved This

Side Note: Why I gave this a 10 on MAL is I’m starting to give series a 10 that I want to keep in mind should I decide to compile a ‘Top Anime’ list so they stick out among my watched anime.

Goodbye Angel Beats, and thanks for not only a great series, but some great fan art!


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(500) Days of Summer Review

I actually watched this a few weeks ago, just got to writing a review now. Graduation=super busy time. I’ve barely had time to watch any anime this week. I’ve only gotten through 7 minutes of Heartcatch so far. Thank-you school for filling my life full of ceremonies and what not.

Summery: (500) Days of Summer is the non-linear story of a relationship, the break-up, and the healing of the hero of the film, Tom. I spoiled nothing, as the films opens with Tom enraged over the break-up. As the film unfolds, we realize the two were doomed anyway. Tom fell in love with Summer at first sight. Summer doesn’t believe in love, or want a boyfriend, yet pursues Tom anyway. And after this relationship, the two are forever changed.

Why I Picked It Up: Someone said it was good. I mean, it’s not as if I’m picky, I really like watching movies, and one good recommendation is all I need. Unless I’m highly unsure I’d like it, such as Avatar.

Why I Finished It: I think of all the movies I’ve watched that have been produced 2009, it probably comes onto the film screen with the most spirit and daringness in the script, as well as the most creative. It feels eerily like a modern day Annie Hall, but at the same time, it feels like its own story with its own character. The story employs non-linear storytelling as well as other ‘different’ approaches to bring out the story with emotion and humor.

Not to mention, it’s so easy to relate to Tom if you’ve had your heart crushed into itsy bitsy pieces. I have.

Also, Matthew Grey Gubler is in it. He’s yummy.

But: At the end, I really really hated Summer. I mean, there are some things that are well, understandable, but by the end of the film, she’s crossed that line. I don’t want to spoil anything, but she made me so mad. Also, some of the music choices for the film were pretty daring, but in the end, I don’t feel they worked.

Who Would I Recommend This To: Why the HECK haven’t you watched it? If you do, I’d recommend reading the wikipedia page for some interesting tidbits.

Rating: 5/5 (Probably the best film of 2009. Take that, The Hurt Locker.)


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I am a Genius of Unspeakable Evil and I Want to be your Class President review

I want a sequel already…

Summery: Oliver Watson is an evil genius well on his way to ruling the world. After all, he’s already the third richest guy in the world, and only 12 years old. True, he’s not popular at school, but when he has to play dumb to hide his success from everyone and doesn’t like his classmates anyway, it works out. Problem is, when one is 12, it doesn’t matter how smart or successful they are, they still want their parents approval. Oliver’s mom loves him no matter what, but his father is a tougher case. When it seems the only way to get praise from his dad is to win the student election, Oliver decides he has to win.

Why I Picked It Up: It looked funny as hell.

Why I Finished It: It was funny as hell. Josh Lieb, the executive producer for The Daily Show, wrote this book, and the same humor seen on the show appears here. Darkly funny, although some emotional depth does appear. Oliver is a character that’s hard to make likable, and yet Lieb makes him sympathic. Other quirky characters appear, giving Oliver’s world depth. For the most part though, it’s funny, helped by Oliver’s cynical view of the world.

But: I don’t have any. Really, I don’t. I wish there was more. Alright, the title is long and a pain to type out. There.

Who Would I Give This To: My sister. *hint hint* I suppose anyone who isn’t easily offended, has a sense of humor and looking for good teen fiction.

Rating: 5/5-It’s Amazing.


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Baka to Test To Shokanju Season 1 Review

The surprise hit of the season. The popularity of this show is astounding, especially for a show that done as a first time show by an unknown company. At this point, like it or hate it, most anime fans have heard of it. Mostly because of a certain trap…

Summery: The school Akihisa attends is an unusual one. In it, students are placed in classes based on their grades on the placement exam. Class A is the highest, Class F is the lowest. Also, everyone has the ability to summon little beings to battle other students based on their grades, and throughout the school year, they can engage other classes in ESB battles. Akihisa is in Class F. However, with the help of the charismatic representative Yuuji, they prepare to take on Class A in battle.

Episode Count: 13

Why I Picked It Up: For Winter Season, due to the lacking nature of it, my boyfriend and I decided to watch something together that looked like it may or may not be good. On three, everyone say awww…

Why I finished it: I thought it was funny. Baka to Test to Shokanju makes fun of every cliché within the typical high school genre as well as clichés in other genres, and is funny when doing so. The characters, why not deep, were fleshed out enough to be interesting, and had some great quirks. For example, the character Voyager was your typical perv, but his perviness went to outrageous levels that would make Happapo proud. On top of that, I enjoyed the fanservice. I won’t lie. I like fanservice.

But: Some of the jokes weren’t funny, and the show had a tendency to recycle jokes. Some jokes that started out funny turned un-funny. When the show tried actual drama, while it worked once in a while, for the most part it was its weaker element. The middle of the season has the weakest episodes.

Who Would I Recommend This To: I have no idea. It’s hard to predict who will like this show, and who won’t. While popular among the masses, I’m sure this show is going to be to be cited as an example of how anime is going downhill by the anime snobs, having a place besides Haruhi in the respect. For some people, they don’t find it funny right off the bat. Some only find it funny for the first half. And some enjoy it all the way through.

Final Rating: 3/5-I liked it.

MAL rating: 7


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Knocked Up Review

            So after being pleasantly surprised by 40 Year Old Virgin, I decided I’d give Knocked Up a try. Again, I was pleasantly surprised. I expected a lot of vulgarity, my reason for initially avoiding it. There was indeed a lot of that. But there was an actual plot, well developed characters, and to be expected with Apatow, witty dialogue.

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