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Durarara x Angel Beats crossover

My boyfriend and I, a few days back, were talking about a Durarara x Angel Beats crossover, as the two share some of the same voice actors, and well, it’d be pretty cool. Unfortunately, neither of us write fanfiction, so the conversation ended there. Yesterday though, he sent me this video that had Angel Beats with the current Durarara theme. I also found a Angel Beats verison of the theme from the first half of Durarara. Enjoy!

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Fanmade Hetalia video based on Black Lagoon

Why am I such a sucker for dark and angsty Hetalia? I have no idea, really. All I know is while I’ve never seen Black Lagoon, this video is amazing.

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Meet my new friends, Rika and Rena!

Now while some people have an obsession with figurines, my little known obsession is different. I like plush dolls. Just recently, I added Rika and Rena to my collection. Yeah, they’re chilling on one of my book cases  with a koala.

Story how I ended up with both of them under the cut. And now looking at this, I need to go back and fix Rika’s hair.

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A real live Bardiche

My boyfriend found this video, not me. Someone built this stunning replica of Bardiche from Nanoha.

My sister said I should get this for my boyfriend when we reach one year, but I think it might be a wee bit hard to get a hold of. I’d love one though, it’s amazingly cool.

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Viva la Vida AMV

I apologize for all the video posts, I promise I won’t be posting 1o billion videos every day. I just have run into some really nice videos today.

Usually, I’m pretty much impossible to impress with AMV’s. I don’t know why, they just have to be amazingly cool and creative, or they’re not my thing. This video, I expected to be slapdash work and not my thing, considering the popularity of Viva la Vida. It was actually on the amazingly cool and creative side.

So here’s to probably the only AMV I’ll like for the next six months.

I wonder why all the videos I run into are Hetalia…

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This is the Hetalia I wish I could watch

Old news is old, but I would so love to watch a series like this one instead of fluffy nonsense. Not that I mind the fluffy nonsense, just this looks so cool. I have no idea what theme is being parodied, alas.

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My banner

The art used in the banner comes from this fanmade video for Hetalia Axis Powers:

I absolutely adore this video, I think it’s really cute. Agree? Disagree?

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