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Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 and Haiti

It’s interesting how some events change things. Back when Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 aired,  I tossed it aside, as a ‘meh’ show.

However, here we are, in January 2010, and an earthquake hit Haiti. Whenever I think about Hati, I don’t think of the pictures I seen, or dismiss it as just the ground moving a bit, but that show, and the way it dictated the pain and suffering the disaster caused.

With that, I’ve become very motivated about doing what I can to help. I haven’t donated any money yet, as I’m still trying to decided who I want to donate to, but otherwise I’ve been trying to do what I can. I talked with the student council president about setting something up at my school, and well, we’ll see what happens.

Personally, I will be putting my quilting project on hold to see about creating some things that can be auctioned off to raise money.

But interestingly enough, I no longer feel like watching the show was a waste of time. It may not be a kosher method, but it helped me gain a sense of understanding about something I might not otherwise understand.

Wakachamo on twitter has actually been tweeting quite a bit about the disaster, so I have him to thank for most of these links. If I can find more links, I will add them!

How to help the people of Haiti:

My friend is selling knitted works to help people in Haiti:

An overall fandom auction to help Haiti:

Sandra Bullock is super rich, and can donate $1,000,000 to Haiti. While most people can’t donate that much, every little bit helps!

A story that let’s in on one view of what’s happening in Haiti with what’s happening via a 9-year-old girl.

Facebook Apps with programs to help Haiti. NOTE. Be cautious about donating money on social networking sites. There are scammers out there. Best you can do is look to see where the money is going to. If it’s going to an actual organization like Red Cross, it’s likely to be legit:

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