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12 Days of Christmas Day 3: Magical Girls and Magical Boys

Last year, I talked about how with Heartcatch Precure, the magical girl genre was showing signs of life. This year followed up on that, with magical girl making a return with a few of the most memorable anime this year.

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Star Driver First Impressions

Before I start into my first impressions, I will make a nod to the Utena anime and say with that, I will not expect much from this anime, and just wait and see. Why?

  1. In my book, Utena is my number one heroine, and nothing can compare to her.
  2. Utena is a series that is best enjoyed when fully completed and viewed as a whole. It also doesn’t grab you right away, but takes it time to build up. Basically, Utena doesn’t ‘Wham Bang Thank You Ma’am’ in the first five episodes, but rather takes you out for dinner, and then takes you home, and blows your mind over the course of the series. I expect this to be at its best near the end, and in a whole.
  3. I’m still rather letdown by and not expecting much from Bones.

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