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Pokemon Crossover Fanart

There are six days until Pokemon Black and White comes out in America. I am stoked. The real bummer is I have to go to church before I can get the game, but oh well. Out of anticipation, there are going to be quite a few pokemon related posts this week on whatever the heck I feel like. Today, it’s going to be a look at the amount of Pokemon crossover with other animes fanart out there. (If anyone is for some reason trying to keep from being spoiled for 5th gen, this post is not for you.)

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12 Days of Christmas Day 11: What Do You Mean Girls Like Sex?

When talking about this, I’m not talking about hentai, as I don’t watch hentai. On top of that, girls who enjoyed having sex, and wasn’t save their pure self for their first one true love have always existed in anime. They’ve just been portrayed in a bad light, and more often then not villains, or at least obstacles to the main characters one true love.

In 2010, there have been female protagonists with an interest in sex just for the pleasure of having sex. Not that they’ve been really portrayed that positively, and rather, are suppose to be protagonist we laugh at because of their crazy antics. Still, I think having girls that like sex as protagonist is a move in the right direction—especially considering the sexism present in Japan.

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Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt First Impressions

Maybe my ibuprofen hasn’t kicked in and hit the fever yet? Nah, Panty & Stocking With Garterbelt is just that weird. Gainax brings up another monster of the week anime following the story of two angels on the verge of getting kicked out of heaven. To keep from being kicked out, they have to collect heaven coins, although Panty would rather have sex and Stocking would rather eat sweets.

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