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My Sai-Mecha nominations

I’ve been trying to resist, and can resist no longer. After reading both Scamp‘s and Shinmaru‘s choices for Saimecha, I have to throw my nominations out there.  Note that I’m not a serious mechafag, but I do enjoy the genre. So settle down, and enjoy. I expect most of these are too obscure to make it to the final 32, but they’ll always have place in my heart.

Yes, girls can like mecha too.

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Memory Quilt Patch: K-On and Kino’s Journey

I don’t understand why K-On goes before everything else of the K category rather then last on MAL, and it’s kinda drives me nuts, but that’s how life goes. I actually ended up doing the Kino’s Journey patch before the K-On patch as I didn’t have much idea what to do for K-On.

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