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My History With Anime

Apparently there’s this history with anime project going around, started with Nopy,  and I suppose I contribute my piece. I don’t really feel my story is that unusual or different then anyone’s else, so I don’t promise a compelling story, but if you want to know how it started, this is the story.

One hard thing for me is between a lot of repressed memories and a seizure disorder, a lot of the details, such as later in the tale, the order in which I watched the anime, I’m not really sure of. But I’m doing the best I can here.

So let’s begin.

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The Disapperance in Angel Beats and Haibane Reimei

Looking at two series that examine characters in their afterlife status, the currently airing Angel Beats, and the amazing Haibaine Reimei, they seem to share at least one thing in common. They have to face death in their world—not their deaths, although that is also present, but the death of people around them. Except that the characters are already dead, so they can’t die again-Angel Beats even makes fun of this- rather, they just disappear. Yet the two animes have different stances on this phenomenon.

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