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Fractale Review

Probably one of my weakest reviews as A) This is probably my first negative review and B) I’m still sick.

Summary: Takes place in a future world where humans no longer interact with each other thanks to all their needs being provided by the Fractale system. When a actual human turns up in Clain’s life, he finds himself on an adventure where a bunch of crap happens.

Episodes: 11

Fractale initially seemed like a good deal. After all, an interesting summery, gorgeous promo image, and then it was in the Noitamina timeslot, which is a sign of an at least decent show.

The first sign that something was off was when right away, the viewer could notice the character designs had drastically been changed from the promo art to the anime. If I ever see that again, I will drop that anime as fast as I possibly can.

Girl in front now has red hair, girl in back has brown...

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Awkward Screenshots: Final Fractale Edition

As the Fractale Anime has finally come to an end, here’s the final round of Fractale’s awkward screenshots. Looking back, I realized I missed so many awkward moments this anime had to offer, but I’m new to this, and wasn’t prepared for how bad Fractale would be.  Although episode 11 did take the cake…

Wow, you waited 700 years to do it, just to find the key and the keyhole don't fit? Man, THAT SUCKS.

Dammit Phyrne, I just don't get why you are you're own person with your own thoughts! IT MAKES NO SENSE!

This woman strangles her allies and hugs her enemies. She sucks at her job.

We just thought it'd be fun to shoot grannies.

My face through the entirety of Fractale 11


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Awkward Screenshots: Good New Ladies

Fractale continues to deliver!

Good news ladies! He has ALL his parts!

I love this scene with them running and Nessa just flies behind in the air...

On a side note, what is with the disturbing sexual stuff. Actually, I felt the same guy almost raping Phyrne and trying to get it on with Clain worked, but then in this episode with Phyrne getting felt up by the priest and then we see her getting ready for exam down there to make sure she’s a virgin? It was disturbing and had the feel of, “Is this really necessary?”

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Well, I guess we’re weeding out the stupid ones…

I swear, Fractale is the best anime for awkward screenshots. No matter what, each episode has a priceless moment of some sort.

Isn't that little girl at risk of being electrocuted?


This is where our animation budget went!

Stay classy Japan.


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Dammit Fractale

I didn’t really like episode four, but it was passable. And parts of episode five were uh…oh, never mind. Episode five stunk. I feel as if Fractale is trying to do too much, and as such, is failing to do anything well.


What really got me were the actions of Nessa in this episode. Even though Nessa was pissed, I didn’t see Nessa as the type to mess with the interface and take it out on a whole ship full of people. I think the idea was Nessa was suppose to be throwing a temper tantrum, but still, Nessa lacks that’s vindictive quality.

And then everything else, especially Phryne’s super secret revelation just fell flat.

Oh Fractale. I think it’s still possible for you for to redeem yourself. But you need to shape up fast.

This was the best part--when this guy just up and started dancing away.


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Fetal Position in Fractale and Madoka

There are two doses of the fetal position this season, and both of them are pretty disturbing to see.

I did some research into the symbolism of the fetal position, expecting some great literary insights. Instead, I got TVtropes, which lacks sources, and I feel as I have failed as a researcher, as this was best I could do.

But what is said there fits. Take the fetal position rebirth and Fractale. The fetal position is a visual symbol used to illustrate a rebirth or major upheaval for the character in the nude. For Fractle, Nessa has been hinted as a key component in the Fractale system, and right now the Fractale system is in the process of being ovethrown. With the type of show Fractale it is, the characters may fail to overthrow the system, but it is going to be reborn into something new, something better. Either that, or have some “we’re all doomed” ending.

Madoka is definitely experiencing…major change in her life. To what extent, we don’t know yet. However, it’s may be  her fetal position refers to another fetal position trope on TV Tropes–the troubled fetal position. When a character has been through something very traumatic that they just can’t cope anymore. Madoka has every right to be past that point for awhile now.

But she’s being seen. By something. An eyeball. She’s been picked by something. Whatever spit out Kyubei. And it’s going to remake her. Innocent naaive untouched pure her. Into a Mahou Shoujo. I think it’s more likely this is another case of fetal position rebirth.

As a side note, if you sleep in the fetal position, it means you’re more sensitive and shy. That’s how I sleep. Go figure.

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Suggested Reading January 29th-February 4th

Plenty of interesting things to discuss this week! Also, no more snow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2D-Telescope talks about the cultural issue in Japan which Fractle is addressing.


Yi points out the wasted potential present in Gosick, and makes me long for an Dectective Fiction anime.

Kimi Ni Todoke

Hinano never fails to make me laugh. And address exactly how I feel about this show.

Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica

Just As Planned talks about how Kyubei gives him the creeps, with the aid of picture illustrations.

Other Anime

Animeyume gives us some anime related puzzles. I bet Professor Layton wishes he was here.

Ogiue Maniax talks about the magical girl show Ojamajo Doremi. I’d like to watch it someday.

Apparently, High School of the Dead is showing on Hulu. Of all the shows that could be on there…why HSoD? You know, between stunts like this, and Naruto, that’s why people don’t take anime seriously.

I had never heard of Break Blade before Scamp talked about it. Maybe someday I’ll check it out.


JAST is bringing over the non-ero version of  Aselia the Eternal to try to reach a wider audience. I approve. I might buy the game instead of pirating it. I don’t know about JAST on Steam though…do I really want my friends to see me playing Bible Black?


Study in Japan says pirating anime helps the anime industry. Does that work for the game industry too? Maybe I should pirate Aselia the Eternal after all…

Listless Ink, Kitsune’s Thoughts, and Ruby at Chocolate Syrupy Waffles say Happy Chinese New Year!


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Fractale has the best advice

This is damn good advice.

Always remember to wipe your butt.


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Suggested Reading January 28th

Since I’ve finished First Impressions, and not episodically blogging anything right now, I don’t have anything consistent I’m doing. I’m torturing Larry, but that’s not consistent. So I thought I’d combine my attempt to keep up with blogs as well as my attempt to doing something consistently through the Winter Season with these series of posts. Basically, at the end of each week, I’ll comprise a list of blog posts that stood out to me, and try to redirect other people to them. Either it’ll work or it won’t. We’ll see. Without further to do.

Suggested Reading for January 28th


2D-Telescope looks at the post-scarcity and dysfunction in Fractale. All I can think about Fractale–can you imagine never getting a hug from your parents? 😦

Beyond the Nippon Review expands, bringing Marx into this. And links to Major Arcana which I haven’t read yet, but is mostly likely worth the read.


Confused by Freezing? Just As Planned has read the manga, and can give you the low down on Freezing, and what to expect.

Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica

Oguie Maniax addresses common misconceptions about the magical girl genre, and then what is the subversion in Madoka

Madoka hasn’t messed with your brain and broken your soul enough for this week? Check out the speculations at the wiki.

Other Anime

If you’re one of the few people who haven’t seen the updated preview for the Spring Season, here it is.

Shinmaru compares Perfect Blue and Black Swan

Canne reviews Red Garden


The demo for Catherine is out!

My Little Sister PSP game is out. And I don’t know a better way to piss Kirino off then knocking up her best friend. Now to patiently wait for an English Guide.

The Piracy ‘Crackdown’

The Null Set points out that Funimation is stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Triple_R at Rabbitpoets implores us to think at the big picture. Personally, if I could get a job (I have to wait for my health to stabilize), I would happily support the anime industry. To a point. I liked Durarara, but not enough to pay $40-$50 for 9 episodes.

Animeyume looks at some solutions

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This movie is too quotable

With that smile, all I can think…

and here in Castle Anthrax, we have but one punishment for setting alight the grail-shaped beacon. You
must tie her down on a bed and spank her! You must spank her well. And after you have spanked her, you
may deal with her as you like. And then, spank me.

I am a very bad girl.

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