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Shameless Shipping Day 7 Kida x Mikado

So I’m continuing this year the tradition that started at the blog Borderline Hikkomori, and I continued doing over here last year. Except I’m only doing 7 days this as opposed to 14, as, uh, well if you don’t know what last week was like for me by now, I’m not going to spell it out for you. As always, if you’re comment is to tell me how much you hate my ship, I reserve the right to mock you, and will probably block you from my blog.

And here we have the two main boys of Durarara!!

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12 Days of Christmas: Day 1 Celty’s Message

Well, here I am to kick off the 12 Days of Christmas with 12 memorable moments this year for me that touched me on one level or another. Until finals finish, they’ll be pretty brief. So here we go with Day 1, where Celty shared a very important inspiring message.I don’t know Celty. I’ve been in college for about three and a half months starting with nothing but optimism, and I’ve been hurt, betrayed and back stabbed, broken and flat out just let down. I’ve had to face the fact that human nature is crueler then I ever thought possible. But there’s a world outside of this too. And maybe, just maybe, being all alone at college isn’t so bad after all.

By the way, if anyone has any stories of, well I have acquaintances, but making it in the first year of college without close friends, it’d be appreciated…


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My problem with KidaxSaki

Spoilers for the end of Durarara, as well as if you’re a KidaxSaki fan, this is probably not the post for you.

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Durarara Review

Summery: Mikado moved to a downtown distract of Tokyo, Ikebukuro looking for excitement. He seems to have gotten his wish as he begins to get wrapped up in the city life and many of the mysteries within the city.

Episode: 24

Why I Picked It Up: Brain Base was doing it.

Why I Finished It: I love Kida. The characters are very original, very quirky with a lot of personality. They’re basically an ensemble you fall in love with, and one that you feel that if you ever see again, it’ll be as poor imitation. They’re some incredibly creative ideas as work here. Even Mikado, who starts as your typical shy loser turns out to be someone much more. Some characters remain static, while others change throughout the story.

The story is also very creative, but the execution could have been better. Don’t get me wrong. The first arch, with the unique storytelling technique of changing viewpoints every episode, was absolutely brilliant. It’s just after that, the executive turns to more standard techniques for the sake of getting the story out. Also, there’s the fact that in the end, while it works well enough, the story leaves so much unanswered. I honestly hope that there will be a second season, and if there is, my opinion of the first may increase, but as it is, I have to fault Durarara for feeling incomplete at the end of the anime.

However, Durarara does try to be something different in the world of anime, and that is always a welcome thing.

Who would I recommend this to: Oddly enough, I have ended up recommending this to a lot of people. But for anyone looking for something different in the world of anime rather then the same old same old, I’d give this a shot.

Rating: 4/5-I loved Kida it.


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Durarara x Angel Beats crossover

My boyfriend and I, a few days back, were talking about a Durarara x Angel Beats crossover, as the two share some of the same voice actors, and well, it’d be pretty cool. Unfortunately, neither of us write fanfiction, so the conversation ended there. Yesterday though, he sent me this video that had Angel Beats with the current Durarara theme. I also found a Angel Beats verison of the theme from the first half of Durarara. Enjoy!

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The character assassinaton of Kida

A lot of different fans of Durarara, until episode 22, found that Durarara just hasn’t been quite as good as it was. I have to agree, although what irks me the most is the character assassination of Kida. And no, I’m not talking about Fandom’s sudden choice to slash him with Izaya as they’ve gotten tired of Shizuo apparently.

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Top Picks Winter 2010 Awards-Top Seven Shows

First, I forgot to do my favorite opening and closing themes, so I’ll do them real quick.


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Top Picks Winter 2010 Awards Part 2: Genre and Misfits Awards

Onto Part 2: Genre and Misfit Awards. Inspired by The Null Set, these awards cover genres and well, random things. Without further to do.

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Top Picks-Winter 2010 Awards, Part 1: Cast and Characters

And it is now time to do the season awards! Inspired by The Null Set, I took a break last season due to being in transition between blogs, but this season I return to do it. Starting off is part one, the character and cast awards, where individual characters and casts receive awards.

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Are the limits of moe being pushed this season?

This has been quite an unusual season for moe. The moe is there, but it’s taken on some unusual forms, almost as if creators are trying to push the limits of what it means to be moe. I suppose before I continue, it’d be best to review what I consider moe. It’s possible to look up the definition, but fandom has twisted and warped the definition, and I doubt there’s one concrete definition out there. I remember when I was first trying to figure it out and found a whole range of definitions from the ones I looked up to various ones people tried to say to me, by favorite still being, “Moe are young girls that look like adults while being young. You, with your big boobs and nicely shaped body, are moe.”

The definition I’m looking at is that moe is a term for girls that come across as innocent and vulnerable, often being adorable and perfect women that don’t exist in the real world. You want to protect them, take them home with you, or even have sex with them.

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