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Suggested Reading March 27th-April 3rd 2010

I’ve decided to move Suggested Reading from Saturday to Sunday, as Saturdays are turning into days that are just too busy to get these posts off.

This week. In personal news, I started college again, and have a sinus infection virus thingy that has me really sick and is not going away.  Kyubei, I’ll become a magical girl to have a non-deficient immune system.  As these things tend to go, I try not to be worried, but I can’t help being a little, and between some personal drama (I’d be better with these personal drama things if each time it didn’t involve the revelation of someone having sunk lower each time then I thought possible), I’m at a low point right now.

In the anime world, money is being raised for Japan, Yu-gi-oh is serious business, and blogs hurry to get their season previews out at as the first of the new episodes are released yesterday and today. April’s Fools Day came and went, with a lot of Kyubeis in the blogsphere. Also, MAL may or may not have been bought by Funimation? Is this an April’s Fools or not? Personally, I like April’s Fools that are obviously fake and funny. I dislike ones that may or may not have the potential to be true.

Without further to do.


Future Anime

Chikorita157 Season Preview

In case you live under a rock, here is Scamp’s Final Chart for Spring

Major Arcana’s Season Preview

Ikoku Meiro no Croisee promotional video two–I’m kinda excited about this series.

Currently Airing Anime (This category will temporarily cover recently completed anime)

Abandoned Factory talks about Kore wa Zombie da?

Otaku Life reviews Dragon Crisis

Scamp’s Post for the recent true route episode of My Little Sister includes interesting conversation about the tsundere character

Other Anime

JP was not forced to watch Marcross II


Gar Gar Stegosaurus reviews solanin

and Town of Evening Calm, Country of Cherry Blossoms



Kodansha President Passed Away.

Funimation picks up Shiki

TV Tokyo and Nihon is suing 4kids over Yu-gi-oh, of all things.

4kids responds. In truth, we’d rather see Little Kuriboh’s response.

Raising money for Japan requires creativity. In Colorado, there’s pot for Japan. Justin Bieber auctioned his hair. Nopy looks at Good Smile’s charity figure to talk about their marketing tactics.


Tim Maughan talks about the ‘Elephant in the Room’ with the anime industry

Can Anime and Religion be combined? My answer is that if your religious, you can’t help but see religion everywhere. It’s a side effect of the whole thing.

What Makes an Anime Popular?

What Makes Anime Popular?

How Would You Define a Tsundere?

The Death of Kawaii


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Suggested Reading February 20th-25th 2010

I will rush through this, as my boyfriend is up, and note that I will be to slow to replying this weekend for such reason. Also, as I’m rushing to finish this post, people won’t stop talking to me!!!

Currently Airing Anime

Behind the Nihion Review posts season impression and seems unimpressed, meanwhile Chikorita157 seems to be enjoying the anime midseason

Dragon Crisis

Landon on the cool/suck balance in Dragon Crisis.

Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica

Everyone Hates Kyubei  Actually, I want a plush toy.

The Problem With Overspeculating. But then I wouldn’t have this section…

The Null Set talks about Madoka, Chekhov’s Gun, and other things.

Future Anime

Squid Girl gets a second season. I better finish the first now.

Book of Friends gets a third season. I better watch the first two now.

First and second promo video for the high brow Lotte’s Toy. But the characters…so reminiscent of Disgaea…resistence weakening…

Other Anime

Star Blazers to air on SyFy channel By the way, Star Blazers was what it was called when it first brought over it here…they’re not going out of their way to Americanize the title.

Canne reviews High School of the Dead

Yi talks about the fascination with the minor characters in K-On, focusing on Himeko


Cutfilmtovent marvels over how cheap the Eva movie is on Amazon.



Catherine is made easier…and then it turns out there is not English release planned. Right now Atlus, I do not like you. Not while I think you’re trolling us.


2D-T got naked

Cutfilmtovent recalls his time at Boarders

History of anime project going around…Valence and Arianna take part. All right, I’ll pretend SOMEONE cares how I got into anime and write about this sometime this week.


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