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Denpa Onna’s Snapshot of Mental Unstability

One of the anime I’ve been fascinated with this season is Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko. What fascinates me is the portrayal of one the main characters, Erio, who thanks to a trauma she’s suffered, has become mentally unstable and a shut-in, as well as the interactions of others to cope with the instability the haunts her. Denpa Onna is far from perfect, but other animes that have approached the topic (Rozen Maiden, Welcome to the NHK) aren’t either. These other animes have chosen to also focus on people who became hikkomoris, while Erio’s insanity goes much further. Of the attempts I’ve seen, it’s the one that strikes a chord with me (someone with my own personal mental unstability) the most strongly.

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