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Top Picks Winter 2010 Awards-Top Seven Shows

First, I forgot to do my favorite opening and closing themes, so I’ll do them real quick.


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Cross Game Review

I suppose this is the review where I’m supposed to say that Cross Game is the best thing since slice bread. Except I don’t think Cross Game is the best thing since slice bread. I liked Cross Game, although I definitely enjoyed the first season the most, but I still had things I didn’t like. It’s also hard to review this in that it’s been part of my life for a year. It’s kinda like trying to explain why I like milk. I love milk, but since I drink it every day, it’s hard to know why exactly. It’s just part of the routine. That doesn’t mean I won’t try though.

Summery: In fifth grade, Kou’s best friend/girlfriend Wakaba dies in a swimming accident. However, it seems that the night before her death, she had a dream of Kou pitching in Koshien. Now in high school, Kou and the rest of the team are struggling to make that dream come true.

Why I Picked It Up: The Null Set talked about how great a show it was, and I had the flu when I read it, so I figured ‘Why not?’

Why I Finished This: Cross Game really is an example of slice of life at its best. Most of the characters are incredibly captivating, and go through some amazing character development. Despite its large cast, most of the characters still get a lot of focus.

But: While the slice of life part is great, after the first few games, the sports part becomes incredibly weak. The games are drawn out, and a tad boring, especially the final game. Also, the show repeats itself a lot.

Who I would give this to: Slice of life fans, anyone who claims that sports anime sucks as a starting point to disprove the sterotype.

Final Rating: 4/5 I loved it.


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Cross Game 50: The End

My ship sank! Actually I was really disappointed with the ending, and not just because my ship sunk. Cross Game was a great show, and a hard one to end. I just wish they did a better job. They end with the gang getting on the train to Koshien, but we don’t get to see them there. While I didn’t want to sit through another mind-numbing boring game, I did want to see that scene.

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Shameless Shipping Day 8: Aoba x Azuma

Now, if the last couple I did had little fanart, this one has absolutely none. Which means I should draw it myself. However, the lack of art doesn’t make them any less of a great couple. I’ve wanted to write about them for awhile, but wasn’t sure of what I wanted to say. That was until I watched the last episode, and reminded me what exactly I love about the Aoba and Azuma dynamic.

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Cross Game: Catch Up to 39

Whenever I watch Cross Game, it never fails to impress. I’m kinda sad that we’re in the last stretch. I don’t want the series to end.

I agree with Kou.

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12 Days of Christmas-Day 9, Do Ghost Grow Up?


I have come to expect great things from Cross Game. Cross Game is a magnificent anime that rarely disappoints. It did try to fall into a rut, but then the creators managed to shake things back up.

However, I don’t think anyone saw Episode 31 coming.

Episode 31 is hard to put into words. It was truly one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen in an anime, and most series only wish they could execute something so moving.

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