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Shamless Shipping Day 5 MariaxSister

So I’m continuing this year the tradition that started at the blog Borderline Hikkomori, and I continued doing over here last year. Except I’m only doing 7 days this as opposed to 14, as, uh, well if you don’t know what last week was like for me by now, I’m not going to spell it out for you. As always, if you’re comment is to tell me how much you hate my ship, I reserve the right to mock you, and will probably block you from my blog.

Honestly, I still haven’t finished Arakawa Under the Bridge. It’s a charming and wonderful show with too many close-ups of blinking eyes, but it aired when I was having a very hard time with fibro. From what I watched of it, I really love this couple, Maria and Sister, in a schadenfreude sort of way. After all, the relationship between these two ends up replacing the theme song for an episode. It’s just that awesome.

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Boring seems to be quite an insult

If you want to insult someone in anime, the best way seems to be to call them boring.

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Arakawa Under The Bridge 02

While I’m not going to blog this weekly, if there’s something I want to comment on in the episode, I will. That said.

Nino is the cutest thing. I feel really shallow, this is a great anime, and I’m just drooling over Nino, but hey, if all aliens are hot.

If there is a must-watch of the show, while I won’t say this 100% after the direction Maria Holic took, this is shaping up to be it. By the time it finishes, I want to see a comparison of this to FLCL. But if I want to see it, I’d probably have to do it…

Also, I totally want that nun to run my church. I suppose as I’m Protestant, he’d actually be a minister, but still…


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Arakawa Under the Bridge episode 1

This isn’t your typical boy meets alien girl, that’s for sure.


Should do it. She's really cute.

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