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American Crime Impressions

I don’t usually watch American TV but when I was introduced to American Crime through a piece on NPR, I was intrigued. It was a show that promised to look at “real world issues” as it followed the murder of Matt Stokie and the lives of the various people the murder affected. This show did deliver on this promise, although it was a flawed execution. This story doesn’t shy away from racial issue, class issues, police brutality, immigration, mental illness to just name a few and always takes a liberal side to things. Even though I am liberal, I felt like I was being beat over the head with it at points, and while I appreciate a mainstream TV show willing to tackle tough issues, I wish they were more subtle. Multiple times a hastily thrown plot point or scene would be shoved it with the added impact of showing how corrupt the legal system and law enforcement was and it felt really excessive.

But if you can look past the politics of the show, that’s really not why you’re here.

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