October 2021 TBR List

Books! I love books. Reading has turned into a very therapeutic hobby for me. I’m aiming to do two post a month with this blog. A beginning TBR list for the month and a monthly wrap up at the end of the month. At first, TBR posts sounded really not fun for me. Structure to reading? No thank you. I’ve come around on them. Not having planned out my reading has caused a couple issues for me.

  1. I get very anxious not knowing what I’m going to read next. Like super mind takeover meltdown anxious.
  2. I forget about a LOT of books I own because lol ADHD out of sight out of mind.

Henceforth, I’m going to try a reading list and seeing it how it goes! My goal by the way is simple. Two physical books, 2 ebooks, and 2 audiobooks. I also have two leftover books I’m going to try to finish. So here we go.

My Leftover to Finish Books.

At the 92% point with this book! Almost there.
54618808. sy475
I’ve ignored this book for a month…time to finish it or chuck it into the dnf pile

Physical Books(They Never Go Out of Style)

I was sold on the book description. Let’s hop College being a big disappointment? Yes plz
Funny thing, when I was a teenager I thought contemporary romance was a bad genre. Dang does it feel good to be wrong an adult.


Title details for Firekeeper's Daughter by Angeline Boulley - Wait list
This is a MASSIVE book. I actually started reading it, and decided I’d rather listen to it. It’s amazing, but due to length, I’m not tentatively committing to a second audiobook this month.

Ebooks (Because The Fact That I Can Read on My Phone Never Stops Being Exciting)

Title details for Not Here to Be Liked by Michelle Quach - Wait list
I too am not here to be liked. I think we’ll get along.
Title details for Perfect on Paper by Sophie Gonzales - Wait list
Hmmm…I wonder if there’s a certain genre of books I like

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