Cross Stitch Pattern Review: Mob — Mob Psycho by GeekyNeedlesbyOpy

Hi! So I have wanted to do more content on my blog. The problem is I’ve changed dramatically as a person. While I still like anime and books, they don’t take up my life the way crafting and cross stitch does. I’m trying to write what I’m passionate about, so I’m going to try to add some content related to my needlework projects. Happy reading!

FULL DISCLOSURE: I received this pattern for free in exchange for doing a test cross stitch of the pattern. I was not asked to do a review.

Dimensions: 104 x 120 stitches

Colors: 2

Price: $5.23 us currency. Buyer gets black & white version and color version.

How Long Did This Pattern Take Me to Stitch : 1 month

Link to Pattern: Here

Is This Compatible with Pattern Keeper?: Yes, but it’ll take some steps. I had to select the pages I wanted imported as the pages for the colored blocks and symbols were in the same file. At first, I tried to input the color blocks, but that didn’t take at all. Then, I imported the symbols and assigned the thread colors to the symbols. Worked like a charm!

Pattern Review: Let’s cut to the chase — I really really liked this pattern. In the world of cross stitch, sadly, there just aren’t a whole lot of good anime patterns. So, the fact that this is a good one for a wonderful series fills my heart with joy. I am glad I did this as a test stitch because I was personally underwhelmed by the picture, but I think seeing it stitched on colored aida really brings the project to life. I am definitely hoping that a picture of how it looks completed will help convince others to buy it. 

Being that it’s only a two color pattern, I wasn’t expecting anything too difficult, and I was correct. The pattern is super straightforward, and a very easy stitch. Due to its size, I wouldn’t normally recommend this as a first time project, but, if you’re a beginner looking to try something a little more challenging, I think this would be a great choice..

There were only a couple parts that gave me any difficulty. The worst was an area on the top left side that threw me for a loop, but I think that was more user error. I was tired, I misread the pattern, and thought it was very different from what it was.  

I felt the pattern came together very quickly, the only reason it took me a month was the fact the pattern is decently sized at a good 6695 stitches, and I didn’t have as much time as I wanted to stitch due to working a lot of overtime. 

One thing I wished I’d done is use 3 – 4 strands of floss. I used 2, and I just don’t feel it gave me the coverage I wanted. DMC 310 and 5200 are notorious for being a little thin coverage wise, and seeing it in action, I really think 2 strands doesn’t cut it.

All in all, this is an easy pattern that provides a very eye-catching result. There’s a lot of potential and flexibility with the pattern being set up the way it is as well, with a yin-yang sort of dynamic. DMC 310 and 5200 can easily be swapped to other colors to match the fabric it’s being stitched in with almost no effort. Especially if you are using Pattern Keeper–just assign different floss to the symbols, and go from there.

The main thing I’m really hopeful for is GeekyNeedlesbyOpy to create more patterns. There are only a few in the shop, but I really feel if their shop takes off, they have a lot of potential to add wonderful geeky/nerdy patterns to the world of cross stitch.

My rating: 5/5

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