Black Lives Matter–a Statement

I am finally getting around to writing my thoughts down about the current Black Lives Matter movement. To skip the tl;dr, I and this blog support Black Lives Matter. I have no interested in debating what is essentially basic human rights, if you disagree please kindly show yourself the door.

George Floyd was murdered by the police. He is one of many people who have been murdered by the police. Police officers who have murdered black people simply do not face consequences, and go on to terrorize and hurt more people. This needs to stop. We need to stop militarizing the police, we need to demand better training for police officers, and we to hold our officers accountable. (I have thought on this long and hard and I don’t think this goes far enough. Abolishing the police is really the only answer.) In my profession in the hospital there are consequences for us inflicting harm on a patient. The fact that police have weapons and less accountability then the people I work with is wrong.

Police Departments are disproportionately targeting black people. This is a national crisis. The lack of response by the people in Washington is unacceptable, and I will call my representatives and demand change.

I support the protesters. I think they’re right. Unfortunately due to my health conditions, I cannot go out and protest, but I am doing whatever I can to send money and supplies to those who need it. I will support those on the front lines in any way I can. And while a majority of the protesters are peaceful, I also think black lives are more important then property, so if destruction of property happens, so be it.

Now here’s the honest truth. I am white as fuck. I do not have black friends. I do not know what it truly means to be black in America, or what it means to be a good ally. But I am committed to learning. I am going to read articles and literature. I am going to strive to be better. I am self-centered, but I will learn to understand when I need to shut the fuck up and let black voices speak instead.

While I’m not the best at updating my blog, I am also going to focus on highlighting projects from black people that I think look cool whenever I can.

This is my statement. The time to complacent is over. Change needs to happen.

To finish this off, here’s a link of petitions, fundraisers etc to consider supporting. I’m particularly fond of the Columbus Freedom Fund which pays the bail for those arrested protesting in Columbus.

5 thoughts on “Black Lives Matter–a Statement

  1. “I also think black lives are more important then property, so if destruction of property happens, so be it.”
    You can support blacks without rationalizing the senseless destruction of opportunistic mobs you know. I wish we could all just cut it out with the “property isn’t as important as people, therefore property is not important AT ALL” bullshit. If unity towards a worthy cause is the aim, breaking and stealing peoples stuff seems counterintuitive, both the bad actors, the aiders, abetters and the ones spouting complacent bs are KILLING the wonderful image that most protesters are calmly putting forth.

    1. If you really honestly think a piece of property means more then a human life, especially in the wake of police instigating the violence and most of the property damage being from undercover cops, please unfollow my blog. I don’t want you in my audience. If you insist on continuing to follow, please keep your bullshit opinion to yourself, or be blocked. Kthxbai

    2. I know that’s not really what you said, but it’s trending close, and I’m not really interested in a discussion about the schematics. I’m really really not. Saying a protest is valid but only on certain terms is what’s bullshit.

      1. But why is it bullshit? Should we recognize all forms of protest as inherently the same and therefore all good? Why do regular working class people have to bear such sacrifice? I can’t see how destructive protests do anything but give racists ample reason to triple down on their shitty outlook.

        And if you don’t want to have a discussion, why post something to a place that people can respond to with their opinions in the first at all? Is it just for congratulations from people who already agree with what you have to say without having to read it? Or do you suscribe to the notion that not openly declaring that you indeed believe in common human decency for blacks is the same as believing the opposite?

      2. You think I owe you an explanation why your views are bullshit, or that you’re entitled to a discussion with me. You really aren’t. It’s not my job to educate you.

        Also you suck so enjoy not being able to comment anymore.

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