Pokemon Insurgence is Pretty Cool

Cults run amok in Torren. The former leader mysteriously disappeared a year ago. You have just woken up in the Cult of Darkrai’s base, having lost your memories and soon to be killed. You’re rescued by Mew, sent by your mysterious benefactor. Then you stumble into Telnor Town where you choose a starter and your journey begins…

Pokemon Insurgence is a pokemon fangame in development. At this point the version available has six badges.  The story is pretty dark for a pokemon game, however there is an option to play with a lighter story if rampant character death isn’t your thing.


One of the other features the game has is at start-up there’s a multitude of challenge runs including Nuzlocke, Egglocke, Randomizer, and much more. You can turn on as many of these challenges as you want. To see the whole list of options, click here.

You always get to choose the character’s appearance from three models per choosing to be a boy or girl. Furthermore, clothing is available throughout the game to further customize your character. There are a lot of options, including putting a poop hat on your head.


There is also the inclusion of Delta Pokemon, a concept introduced in the trading card game but never incorporated into the core series. Delta Pokemon are Pokemon who have mutated to have different dna, causing them to have different types and appearances then their regular version. The game even gives you the option to choose from three Delta versions of the Kanto starters.

2017-07-09 18_28_22-Pokemon Insurgence.png

I have no idea what Bulbasaur is suppose to be, but it’s pretty cute.

2017-07-09 18_28_37-Pokemon Insurgence.png

I really dig the Delta Charmander. It basically turns into the ghost dragon from Heroes of Might and Magic.

2017-07-09 18_28_46-Pokemon Insurgence.png

Squirtle is a pretty obvious reference to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

However if you don’t want any of these you can always pick an Eevee.

Another of the things I dig is the story. I’m only about two hours in and I’m already hooked. There’s so much going on with mysterious cults, strange pokemon, and most interesting the uncomfortable rise to power of the second leader known as the Second Augur. The region worships the Second Augur, believing ridiculous stories with him, such as that he wrestled Kyorge and won. There are images and statues dedicated to him everywhere. Meanwhile, the First Augur is remembered negatively, as a weak and useless leader. It’s a strong compelling start and I can’t wait to see where it leads.


There’s other features in the game that I haven’t run into yet, including new mega evolutions and secret bases. I’m looking forward to these, but for now I have a long way to go to get there.

Anyone who wants to download Pokemon Insurgence can find it here.

Random screenshots:






































































































































































































































































































































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