Princess Maker 3 is hot garbage

For anyone planning to buy Princess Maker 3 on Steam, I’m here to warn you: Do not buy. It was so bad that I played for four minutes and refunded it. I have never refunded a game on Steam before in my life.

Now there are reviews on the steam page warning you not to buy, but I didn’t believe it was that awful. I bought and played Princess Maker 1 and 2 on Steam, which had similar complaints in the reviews. Let’s just say Princess Maker 3, in it’s current state, is on another level.

In the first four minutes of Princess Maker 3, I ran into the following problems.

1.) The font is a thin white or black font that is near impossible for someone who has bad vision (like me) to read.

2.) If you can read it, the script is full of typos and errors. Sentences start will lower case letter, and there are random commas. Word wrap doesn’t work properly either, so words just trail off the screen.

3.) In windowed mode, the images look blurry and unfocused. Making it full screen makes it looks worse, and apparently according to reviews, leads to the game crashing. You cannot change the resolution of windowed mode to make it better.

4.) The translation is really bad. I thought it was passable in Princess Maker 1 and 2, but for 3 it’s clear no time or effort was put into it.

Honestly it seems like CFK Co., Ltd, the company that releases these games on Steam did a rush job on this, and it shows. It would probably be better if the scrapped it and redid the translation with much more care and effort. I was really excited to play this, and am very disappointed. In six months to a year I’ll check up on it, and if the issues have been resolved, I’ll purchase it, but not until this is fixed.



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2 responses to “Princess Maker 3 is hot garbage

  1. The Otaku Judge

    Fingers crossed that some of these issues get patched at a later date. I wouldn’t mind playing this game, as I enjoyed Princess Maker 2 back when I played it years ago.

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