Alex Mauer and Internet Vengeance

So there’s a thing happening on the internet. About someone named Alex Mauer. Something along the lines of a Starr Mazer:DSP contract dispute, vendetta, youtubers, twitch, DMCAS and a mental breakdown.  The whole thing is one hell of a mess, and if I told the story would be here for a long time. Rather then me tell the story if you don’t know, I’m going to point you in the direction of SidAlpha’s youtube videos. He broke the story and has been posting updates since then. He provides the best coverage the situation.

Update 07/18/17: As coverage has continued, it’s become apparent the SidAlpha is not a good source. Instead here is Sir TapTap’s coverage in article form. 

I just have to get my thoughts out because what’s going on leaves me with some very strong thoughts. Click below for more.

I feel very emotionally about this story because I have acted like Alex in the past. Now I never issued DMCAS notices to youtubers for stuff I didn’t own. However, I use to try to manipulate people to be my personal army against people who I perceived wronged me or I didn’t like, which never went well and resulted in very public breakdowns. Thankfully though, never on this scale. Now I have grown up a bit and gotten treatment for my mental illness. Though please know, even though I had a very severe mental illness, what I did was still wrong and everyone who called me out on behaving inappropriately was right.

And honestly I hope that there isn’t a single person who thinks Alex is in the right. I hope that everyone knows not to do this shit, but just in case, let me tell you:

Using the internet to manipulate people into a personal vendetta is never okay. Sometimes people do shitty things to other human beings. Sometimes you don’t get the resolution you want to shitty situations, and sometimes you don’t get a resolution at all.  I understand that feeling of being so fueled by hurt and rage that you just want to hurt someone, even if means letting the world burn.

But those things are temporary. What’s not temporary is the image you create for yourself.  I’m sure Alex will never be hired again, even if she does move on from this, gets the help she needs, and becomes a better person. In this era on the internet, with screenshots and the wayback machine, everything you say is permanent. Plus when you take on a quest for personal vengeance, even if you were the wronged party, no one wants any part of that. We’re all just trying to live our own lives and survive. On top of that, you lose all credibility as a person, lose the moral high ground and just make yourself look bad. As a society we know that’s not how to deal with conflict.

So if you ever consider doing this, please don’t do this. You’re better then that.


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2 responses to “Alex Mauer and Internet Vengeance

  1. If she has a dispute with her former employer she needs to resolve it directly with them. Abusing Youtube’s rubbish copyright system won’t accomplish much apart from incurring the wrath of video content creators. Why anger fans who promote your work?

    • The reasoning by Alex was she couldn’t afford a lawyer, and she was super angry so she thought she’d get vengeance this way. Unsurprisingly it didn’t work.

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