Pokemon Sweet 2th Nuzlocke-The End

Everyone died as you will see.


Too bad I wipe in the next 20 minutes.

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1. If it faints, it’s dead and as it’s a corpse it can no longer battle. 

2. All pokesweets must be nicknamed 

3. Catch only the first pokesweet on every route. You cannot catch duplicates of a species. If you run into the same pokesweet on a route, keep searching until you find a new one. If there’s nothing new, touch luck. If it faints when you try to catch it, that’s it and you don’t get a pokesweet for that route. There is one exception–if I encounter a shiny, I can catch it. I cannot catch legendaries no matter what. If the game requires I catch one, it’s to be boxed and not used.

So basically I leave town where Alm is waiting.


I was not prepared for this at all.


Not featured: Domina died too. So down to three pokemon and then Mint challenged me and wiped out the last three. I was so disheartened I didn’t even screenshot it.

Anyway, it’s been fun guys! The romhack is buggy, but I like it and recommend it. Until next time!


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