Pokemon Sweet 2th Nuzlocke part 4

We finally catch some other pokesweets, thank god.

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Remember these rules.

1. If it faints, it’s dead and as it’s a corpse it can no longer battle. 

2. All pokesweets must be nicknamed 

3. Catch only the first pokesweet on every route. You cannot catch duplicates of a species. If you run into the same pokesweet on a route, keep searching until you find a new one. If there’s nothing new, touch luck. If it faints when you try to catch it, that’s it and you don’t get a pokesweet for that route. There is one exception–if I encounter a shiny, I can catch it. I cannot catch legendaries no matter what. If the game requires I catch one, it’s to be boxed and not used.

So now that we’ve gotten our starter pokesweet, not one, not two, but three routes open up where we can catch pokesweets.


This is the route south of town.


This is the route east of town.


And this is the route north of town.

Depending on what starter you pick, you travel a different way. Each route has an unique obstacle that only one of the starters can get past, as shown in the last update. However, lucky us, we can catch a pokesweet on each route. These routes also have berries, and we have quests that need berries!

First let’s go to route 7.



Well, that’s not a great start, killing the first pokemon and everything. Let’s go to route 1 and not kill things.



Holy crap! I love mareep. I love chocolate sundae mareep even more. So legit stoked. Never die Smores. Now onto Route 14.


A living peep? Will it’s death be by microwave?


At this point, we’ve picked up enough berries to help that dude with his parfait and make an oran block.


It’s not booze, but this early in the game, it’s kinda incredible.  Now all we need for the oran block is to stop in the local shop and use the sink/oven/thingy to cook. We can also pick up some regular parfaits as well for the road ahead.


Once we select bake a pokeblock, it asks us which berry we want to use. Select the oran berry, and wham! Quest complete. As you saw, there are more things we can make then blocks. However poffins require more berries then blocks, and puffs require more berries then poffins.


I honestly have no idea what an oran puff does…maybe the game can tell me.



I know what I’m doing with all my oran berries.

Now Alm and Mint are hanging out north of town. Let’s see what those losers are up to.


I still haven’t figured out which one is Alm and which one is Mint. I hope that we can bring this mystery to a close.


So it suddenly just hit me…how do people in this town live if every exit is blocked off? Don’t they run out of toothpaste and toilet paper?




So I figured it out, Alm is the boy and Mint is the girl. Let’s talk to Alm.


This should be a cakewalk since I’ve been grinding.


First I use thunder wave to paralyze, then tackle. However tackle is not doing very much so we’re going to switch to Gusher.


Milk Shot’s not very effective but since Gusher is five levels higher, it does all the damage it needs to.


Alm’s been defeated, but my thirst for blood has not been satisfied. Let’s see if we can fight Mint.


I never back down from beating a weak trainer.


Squirpie is actually my favorite of the starters. Anyway, same idea, paralyze then let Gusher beat them down.


Also Smores gained a level and learned thundershock. That’s pretty rad.


Mint is my waifu.

Next time, we leave and never come back.

BONUS: The wild pokemon that we could have encountered instead. I have no idea if this is all the possibilities but it’s what I ran into while grinding.





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