Working on my blog a little

Hello! I’ve made some changes. If you see them everything’s okay, I haven’t updated the place in years.

  • Blog Title has changed. I hated the name.
  • All the pages were outdated, showed how disgusting I was as a teenager, and taken down. I will update them in the future with relevant info.
  • I got a personal subscription because I had the money, and don’t believe in my readers seeing ads when I have the money to change that. I also got a domain too. I’d be more excited if I didn’t think it was garbage that WordPress makes my readers see ads.

Otherwise, I’d like to make/draw a new banner for the site.



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2 responses to “Working on my blog a little

  1. The Otaku Judge

    I was tempted to activate ads on my blog, but given that I don’t get many visitors I can’t imagine it would generate much cash.

    • I definitely don’t, haha. WordPress probably got more money out of me paying them to keep ads off my site then they ever did when they were there.

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