My Stardew Valley Experience

Back when Stardew Valley came out in February, a lot of people shared their experiences on it. It was a phenomenon that swept the internet. I went into my local game shop that so happens to play twitch streams, and there was Stardew Valley streaming on the tv. And then there was a lot of youtube videos about it. The general consensus is Stardew Valley is pretty great. I agree. It’s a lot like the Harvest Moon game I’ve wanted for a long time. I love Harvest Moon, but the series has gotten too compliant with it’s success and the games these days lack something that Stardew Valley has. But I’m not going to sit here and talk about how awesome a game Stardew Valley is because I’m covering old ground. What I am going to talk about is that I love modding Stardew Valley just as much as playing it.


I became aware that modding Stardew Valley was a thing when I was watching ProJared play through the game and he was like “Oh yeah, I made an mod!” Immediately I realized that if he made one, there must be other mods, and well, that was a bit of an understatement.

There’s something about modding games I love. Getting into game files, changing and tweaking things in the game so it fits my preference is just as much fun as playing the game itself. A game that is modifiable is way more appealing to me. Heck, I play the Sims just so I can mod it, and for nothing more.

I was all ready to dive into modding the game. Luckily most of the mods are really easy to install, and the article I got started on explained it all. PCGamer’s list of best mods for Stardew Valley explained the difference between the games that make complex changes to the gameplay and games that are simple sprite replacements and require replacing a file. Some mods are just in between, they make changes to the gameplay, but just require replacing a file.  I went from there.

There are multiple websites for modding the game, I just stay with nexusmods as I unfortunately lack the time to look through every single Stardew Valley mod (or maybe fortunately…some of them are really creepy) but there are so many mods for so many nerdy interests.

These are the mods I use in my game. As of right now I don’t use a whole lot, but I’m probably going to go back and install some that tweak the gameplay like the horse whistle.

New and Improved Hairstyles -There’s a lot of mods to adjust your personal avatars hairstyle. This is the one I use. Simple, but I like it.

Pokemon Mod Masterlist-Did you always want a pokemonxharvest moon crossover? Well this is the closest you’re probably going to get. Which is something I always wanted.

Pencilstab’s Portrait Replacement -There are a lot of portrait replacement mods. This is one I use, and I love it to death. I think the characters look way better with this mod.

One last note before wrapping up, if you do mod your game, always back it up! I broke my game while modding myself, so it does happen.

Oh one last last thing before we got, if you don’t know what Stardew Valley is and want to learn more, here’s a list of youtuber’s who made videos about the game. Have someone you want me to add? Let me know!

Projared’s video review of Stardew Valley

Spacehamster’s review of Stardew Valley

Pushing Up Roses’ Review of Stardew Valley


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2 responses to “My Stardew Valley Experience

  1. The Otaku Judge

    I have Stardew Valley, but it’s a mod free experience because I bought the console version. Shame. More hairdos and Pokemon would be a nice addition to the game.

    • Yeah. Unfortunately my laptop that I use to play it on died, and it won’t play on my pc so I’m stuck with modless now. I really miss the mods.

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